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Susan Fleischmann interviews Robert Gittens, the new Executive Director of Cambridge Family and Children's Service. 9-19-2016

Four Cambridge Black Lives Matter activists chained themselves to the front doors of City Hall this morning to demand more affordable housing. They have unlocked themselves from the door and are now standing at the front of City Hall, still chained together, surrounded by officers from the Cambridge Police Department.  Stay tuned for updates, photos and video




Deborah Ruhe is the Executive Director of Just-a-Start, a housing and economic stability organization. 8-8-2016

A continuing discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about race and politics. This episode focuses on the Republican National Convention and the first day of the Democratic National Convention. 7-27-2016

Susan Fleischmann speaks with Reverend Irene Monroe in the aftermath of the police murders of two men of color and the killing of five Dallas police officers. 

An interview with Risa Mednick, the Executive Director of Transition House.

An interview with Elaine DeRosa, Executive Director of the anti-poverty agency Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee. 6/27/2016

CCTV's NeighborMedia Coordinator Frank Morris and Executive Director Susan Fleischmann talk about homophobia,  islamophobia, and racism in the aftermath of the massacre in Orlando. 6-20-2016

As so often happens when divisive and devastating events take place, the Cambridge community came together to mourn the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The City of Cambridge and the Peace Commission, led by director Brian Corr, called for the community to meet on the steps of City Hall on the day following the largest mass shooting in US history. Joined by many City employees, representatives of the clergy, city councilors and school committee members, Mayor E.

Discussion with Reverend Irene Monroe about the remake of "Roots" and the impact of the life of Muhammed Ali.