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My name is Richard Sheingold. I am a Cambridge resident who enjoys sports, comedy and writing stories about interesting people I know! I'm glad to be a part of the NeighborMedia team.


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Steve went to the same High School; Cambridge High and Latin that I did. As a student he was a prolific writer. He covered many sports games for the school. You had to know that he would go places in the world of writing not just a writer, he became a frequent guest on Sports Desk on Nesn. He also wrote books about sports. In one book he combined with Jim Caple titled 100 Best Boston Sports arguments. Another book was called Wicked Good Year, a book about the year 2007 when the Patriots, Red Sox, and Patriots all won championships in their respective leagues.


One thing I love about my life in Cambridge is I get to be a Little League baseball coach. It’s something I’ve been doing now for 10 years! Living here since I was 13 years old, I’ve had the blessings to be right across the river from Fenway Park, the home of the baseball icon, the Boston Red Sox. Growing up in Cambridge, my friends and I all had favorite players to emulate and cheer on.

Luis Tiant and Carl Yastrzemski were two players that I followed closely.

Make no mistake he was the leader of the Boston Red Sox. He did things no other teammate ever did. He only played one year in the minor leagues. He played for Raleigh and batted an unheard of .477. That's very close to one hit for every two at bats.   

Looie Looie; who could ever forget that chant. From 35,000 plus fans; Tiant wound up like a whirlwind and jerked his head and fired the baseball home to strike out the batter who had a full count on him with the bases loaded. Fenway exploded with cheers of joy and happiness as Looie won yet another drama- packed close game. Back in the day, it was not unusual for tiant to pitch 160 pitches. Sometimes even more. As all great sports players Looie did not have an easy road to the Red Sox, and an appearance in the fall classic also known as the World Series.

Here we are at the Cambridge War Memorial Recreation Center.It is the home of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin Falcons. To date Cambridge is undefeated and has already beaten the Newton South Lions this year. But the Lions have an outstanding  record at  13 wins and 4 losses. It promised to be quite a competitive encounter.

The Junior Varsity Lions ond the JV had a close hard fought game in the under card contest. the game was not decided until there was 1.6 seconds left to play. Newton South was the victor 66-63.

As in most squares, centers and strips, Inman Square is a popular location for restaurants, taverns, children’s stores and many other places of business. One store separates itself from all of the others. It's located at 1309 Cambridge St. and it's called Boutique Fabulous. Outside of the store you will find one of a kind pieces of furniture and the like at affordable prices.

I have been involved with the Jimmy Fund for the last few years. On one occasion I raised fifty dollars selling puns and jokes. On another occasion I passed out three canisters around the hall at a Little League banquet. I have been a coach there over for more than ten years. We raised over $200 . Now I have rented a hall at the LILYPAD in Inman Square. I signed up for an hour program in which I will let my hair down and do humor.

I am ecstatic about my first attempt about being a member of For my first assignment, I wanted to interview neighbors who are from a different culture than myself. Luckily I have an acquaintance in my apartment complex that I have always been curious aboout. Her name is Miriam and she is a delightful elder citizen of West Indian background. It's easy to tell by her mannerism and gentleness that she is an honest and helpful person. As excited as I was to do this interview she was just as eager to talk about her culture.