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My name is Richard Sheingold. I am a Cambridge resident who enjoys sports, comedy and writing stories about interesting people I know! I'm glad to be a part of the NeighborMedia team.


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Fenway Park in historic Kenmore Square has very many memories. In this story I will mention some of the greatest Pitching, hitting, and fielding prowess. Also I will call on two diehard Red Sox fans to tell us just what their favorite experiences were. Here are some all -time memories from Fenway as chosen by the Sports Illustrated book called Fenway.

Buffy the Yorky:

For NeighborMedia, I am always looking for new subjects to write about. Be with me now as I bring you into the wonderful world of pets. To start out, I got to make the acquaintance of Lori and her never-slow-down, toy pet dog: Buffy the Yorkshire Terrier.

I write this article because in our soceity and article, there needs to be an awareness of just how much help there has become for people with a mental health diagnosis. For example the Cambridge Health Alliance sends clients to 26 Central st.via a free shuttle service. Without this, many people who have the illness would not get the treatment they deserve.

Walking briskly through Inman Square one cold and windy evening, I came across a new and attractive storefront. Eager to know just what this store was representative of, I looked closer to see if I could catch a glimpse. Unfortunately the store (which by the way, had taken the place of a long standing repair shop) was not open.

On April 22, 2016, the supporters of medical marijuana were happy with the City Council. On this Monday night the councilors voted in Zoning amendments which said that sage cannabis could open a medical marijuana dispensary in Cambridge. The would open it at 1001 Mass Ave. The current zoning laws prohibited this opening. However the city of Cambridge determined that there could be a limit of two districts which would allow marijuana dispensaries.


I wanted to write about something unique. I settled on a position in the health care medical profession. When you think of health care, what comes to mind is a doctor, a nurse or a nurse's aid. A surgeon can also be listed. But there is a position in the health care profession that not so many people are familiar with. I speak of the nurse practitioner.

The electoral college was put into effect by article two of the constitution to select who would be the president and vice- president of the United States of America. The citizens in each state, during a general election  chooses electors who have been pledged to vote for a candidate from their party. The Twelfth Amendment requires evey elector to have one vote for both the President and the vice-President. Candidates receiving majority of electoral votes throughout the states become president and Vice- President of the United states.

Joseph King is a stand-up comedian who does his act in the Cambridge and Somerville areas. His repertoire is that of puns and  plays on words. Some caqll him HENNY YOUNGMAN! Joseph, pushing 60, calls himself Henny Oldman. 

Football is responsible for more injuries than all of the three other major sports combined. Especially, the children who play football also have too many injuries. Thankfully, players in these times have to be removed from games if they suffer a head injury; mainly a concussion.

To cap off what has been a beautiful fall October day, I strolled happily to the Lily Pad in Inman Square Cambridge to take in a tunefoolery concert. Tunefoolery, of you are not aware is a group of musicians who have had mental health issues. These talented players play instruments, including guitars, accordians, flutes, clarinets, pianos etc. Some play acapella. Some play instruments and sing.