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My name is Richard Sheingold. I am a Cambridge resident who enjoys sports, comedy and writing stories about interesting people I know! I'm glad to be a part of the NeighborMedia team.


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On August 17,2017 there was an old-timer baseball game at St. Peters baseball Park in Cambridge Ma. This event happens every year and is organized by Steve Buckley. Old timer uniforms are worn by the selected young men. From the inaugural game in 1994 to 2017, there are so many people to thank in accordance with the success of this event.

I frequently visit the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge. One place that I always see is a sign introducing the Farmers Market. I promised myself that I would shop there at some point. Finally that point in time arrived. I learned that there is a lot more to the Farmers Market than I had originally thought. My first lesson was that a Farmers Market is where farmers sell their natural products to consumers directly. They set up once or twice a week in many communities.

Every year the management puts on a barbecue for the tenants of the Inman Square Apartments. It is such a wonderful time for all of the residents and their families. Also the maintenance staff joined the party. You see, they were there to "fix" our meals The management bosses also were in attendance just to be sure that things went off without a glitch. Music was a  part of the gala festival. A young man, as the master of ceremonies chose some soothing music as was appreciated by the adults. There were scores of young children at the get together.

Inman Square in Cambridge is a  place much visited by consumers of all types. There are some banks and if you are hungry, restaurants. These eateries offer many different foods and beverages. If you are a do it yourselfer you'll find a popular Ace Hardware Store. There are even a few start ups. If pizza and sandwiches are your choice; you can indulge in that cuisine as well. If you are in need of a new hair style or a summer cut you can get that as well. 

Right snack dab in the middle of Inman Square Cambridge lies ACE Hardware Store which is run by The Pacheco family. It is a throw back to the old days when you walk into a retail establishment and there was an employee waiting to help you. Not only are they eager to show you where the merchandise is upon your request,they have a tremendous understanding of all of the goods which they carry.

Every year in the spring, the city of Cambridge has a little league tournament. which is called the Mayor's Cup. It consists of teams from the four divisions of the Little League. These teams are represented from North, East, West , and Central. Cambridge.

Too often in little League the coaches and players are under a micro-scope. They are looked upon as the reasons for winning or losing. You often hear comments like "Hey Joey your hit won the game for us". Also coaches congratulate each other after winning a game. I'm not saying that any of those kudos are undeserved. But you need to dig a little deeper to find the major reasons for the success of the players and the team.The parents do so many things to contribute to the Little League. Firstly the parents spend more than ten times more time with the players than the coaches do.

It used to be ( and I'm showing my age) that haircuts, if you went to a barber shop were very inexpensive. At that time children went frequently. They usually had short haircuts. This was the popular style. Now a day the rate for haircuts, at last check starts around fifteen dollars.Now people are getting more experimental with how they wear their hair. What, with mohawks and wiffles,there are more styles than what you could imagine.I wanted to get a better take on an establishment dealing with unisex haircuts and the like.

One of the oldest professions is banking. I write about this to explain to High School Seniors in our fair city of Cambridge. I was fortunate to obtain an interview with Lisa Scopa of the East Cambridge Saving Bank. Lisa is the vice-president of this particular bank. Lisa as it turned out was an excellent choice for an interview. She was both eager and enthusiastic to share her knowledge with me. She has been in the banking business for a total of twenty-five years. She came to ECSB from another bank and has worked here for the last ten years.

The cold snowy long lasting winter months give way to the bright and warmer springtime. This wondrous season makes the heart and spirit come alive in the children. Little Baseball League will officially begin on April 24th 2017.

The coaches see the beginning of the year as a chance to win a birth in the yearly Mayor's Cup Championship. Some have been there before and some have yet to be at all. But it is the ultimate award that the parents, children and coaches aspire to this and every year.