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Richard Sheingold

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My name is Richard Sheingold. I am a Cambridge resident who enjoys sports, comedy and writing stories about interesting people I know! I'm glad to be a part of the NeighborMedia team.


Stories by Richard

Because diabetes is a chronic disease, it makes perfect sense to discuss it with a well-informed dietician. Just to make it clear; a nutritionist; although knowing a lot does not need any credentials. However to become a dietician one needs a four year degree. They must also have completed a series of experiences. A board exam must also be passed. A residency also must be done. So you could say also that dieticians are nutritionists; but not all nutritionists are dieticians. There are two types of diabetes. I will discuss type 2 diabetes today.

Buff is and always will be an accomplished writer who believes that even though one could be a struggling artist, one still must embrace their passion, and Buff certainly does embrace his writing passion. So we sat together to talk about life and how his writing influences that life. Most people have a person place or thing which aspires him. Buff's life was no different. He accepted his inspiration from his third grade teacher when he was a small child. She told Buff by complimenting him in front of the class "There is one boy in here who is by far the best writer in this class".

To give you a brief understanding of the tunefoolery organization, I will tell you this. The organization which was born in the mid nineties by Theresa Thompson and Jens Rebo at a social club which entertained many Cambridge and Somerville mental health clients. Starting out there were a few pioneers to play at different venues such as nursing homes and mental health facilities.

The organization has grown with scores of entertainers as well as many different instruments.


The doors opened at precisely seven o'clock at the UAV, a hall which the North Cambridge Little Baseball League uses for its meetings. There was a representative from every minor and major league team in the league. Dignitaries (as pictured) David Kale,the backbone of the north division and Peter McCaan starting his second term as president Also Becky Harmon is taking up the reigns doing the recruiting.

Camabridge High school

I was blessed today to have an interview with Mr. Fred Fantini; an 18 term year school Committee member. We greeted each other and were granted a room in the main library to conduct what was to be an interview.

Fred started off responding to my first question which was what piqued his interest in politics. He shared that his brother David who also was involved in politics was a major influence on him. He talked about his family belief to contribute to the community.

I must start off by reporting how business like; yet very down to earth Shelley the owner of Albertine Press struck me. Upon entering the establishment I was directed to the rear of the store where there was a huge printing press which Shelley was demonstrating its usage to customers. Shelley and I sat at a table to begin the interview.  must mention her inquisitive and personable daughter, Emily. I asked Shelley how long had she been in business in Inman Square. She replied that she had been here for close to two months. That would make her a start-up, right?

The Wednesday before Christmas twas actually December 20th, 2017; and the  Inman Square apartments held their annual Christmas Holiday Party. The management who puts on this gala affair outdoes themselves year after year. The community room located on the top floor of this apartment building was where this festive occasion was held.


CHRISTOPHER HOPE came to CCTV in november to give us a lesson in podcasting. The first thong he taught us answered the question: What is a podcast? A podcast gives you what you want to do such as interviews, music, a newsreel,sports etc. Before you can begin to podcast there are some supplies which you will need. A usr or analog xlr , most people use a blog, you also of course need a computer. The atmosphere is important in doing your podcast. It is advised that the best place to podcast is in a quiet place unless you need background noise like at a park or parade.