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Doing my best to capture the heart, soul, and essence of people, who then get to shine brightly on Cambridge Community Television. This in turn fills me with a great joy and satisfaction. I have lived many incarnations in Cambridge, Mass since 1986.

Stories by Kristina Kehrer

Cambridge, Mass is losing the battle of overdevelopment, gentrification, and greed. What used to be a small, manageable city with a creative, spiritual, progressive center is now becoming a cold, crowded, callous city of immeasurable wealth. Some people are fine with it, but others, whose voices barely register, are not. 

I missed all the online outrage about Kim Kardashian being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but I did suffer my own indignation when I received that particular issue in my mailbox. It also happened to be my re-subscription issue. I pulled the plastic wrapping off the magazine and what lay hidden behind the “please re-subscribe” envelope were two ginormous bosoms, which made me feel as though I had just opened Hustler magazine.

Like many Cantabrigians these days, I have a new neighbor. His name is Mitchell Hall and when I met him, I incorrectly guessed English or Australian. Nope. New Zealander.

Up to this point, I only knew a few things about New Zealand: I’ve always heard that it is better than Australia, the Flight of the Conchords are from there, and so is the band OMC known for their 1996 hit “How Bizarre.”

On June 18, 2015 the King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools and Wellington-Harrington neighborhood came together in feast, fun, and festivities to give a final farewell to the King Open school complex, which includes the Valente Library and the Gold Star Pool.

I had no intention of covering Boston Pride this year. I just wanted to do my favorite thing in the world: sit on the hard, concrete steps at Boston City Plaza watching bands and people, especially those who strolled unwittingly onto the plaza and caught sight of - what may have been their first - a man in nothing more than glitter and a thong.

“Skinny Mike” Feudale has been playing the stand-up bass, and guitar, in bands around Boston since 1986. He began working at Sandy’s Music, 896a Mass Ave as a guitar repair guy twenty-years ago.

Lawrence Ferrara is a Cambridge based filmmaker, and he has a BeLive show on CCTV called “Whole Health,” which airs at 5 p.m. on the second and fourth Sunday of every month.

While tracking down a story on the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Ferrara unwittingly found himself in one of the most notorious small towns in America - Harrison, Arkansas.

An indubitable truth is that change comes very slowly to Inman Square. This reality might suit the residents just fine, but business owners are starting to get impatient about the longevity of some empty storefronts.  

In an interview with Debbie Musnikow, co-president of the Inman Square Business Association (ISBA) and Operations Director for Stellabella Toys, I learned some interesting facts about the ISBA and what changes are laggardly afoot in the square.