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Doing my best to capture the heart, soul, and essence of people, who then get to shine brightly on Cambridge Community Television. This in turn fills me with a great joy and satisfaction. I have lived many incarnations in Cambridge, Mass since 1986.

Stories by Kristina Kehrer

BISq (Bergamot in Inman Square) – 1071 Cambridge St. - Opened 2015

Why a "townie tour of new Cambridge Street restaurants?" Because no one ever asks. For a more lengthy explanation of this experiment please refer to:

BISq is a restaurant that has received accolades in and out of the neighborhood. 


Loyal Nine has a lot of fans in culinary world. Boston Magazine named them one of the top restaurants in the Boston area. So you might ask, "who are we to judge?" Well, we are their neighbors and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about! For more on this tantalizing topic:

Loyal Nine - 660 Cambridge Street – March 2015




Why a "townie tour (review) of new Cambridge Street restaurants?" Because the media never asks. So let's find out what the regular folk think of their new neighbors. For more dialog on this adventure:

Lone Star Taco Bar - 635 Cambridge Street - Opened July 2015




Yes it is true, for many years Inman Square has been a dining destination for people from outside the neighborhood. Many fancy restaurants have come and gone and it is also true that many of these restaurants were out of the financial reach of a large swath of Inman Square/Wellington-Harrington residents.

The Solutions at Work board decided, after many months of discussions, that the best way to preserve its programs for the future would be to find larger, financially stronger organizations to absorb and grow the programs.  Since August, the board has been working diligently to identify such organizations, and the expected outcome now appears to be better than anything for which we could have hoped. 

There have been a series of sad closings in Cambridge. To some, it is the march of progress, business, and the way of the world. To others, it is a painful representation of their loss of place and comfort in the community they call home.

As we usher in the fall season, we say goodbye to Troy Anthony’s Barber Shop located for 15 years on Cambridge Street in Inman Square, another casualty to the gentrification of this once working-class neighborhood. (Rumor has it, the place will become a Boston Burger – no one is excited.)

Every fiscal quarter the Cambridge Whole Foods Markets donates 5% of their net sales to local non-profits. On September 16, 2015 the “5% Day” earnings netted a hefty donation to the Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV): $14,344.03 to be exact.

“Meetups” for group activities are all the rage right now. You can "meetup"  to play Frisbee, learn about love, and even do some volunteer work. Classical musicians have “,” which is the same idea, but different because it is a paying gig in someone’s house.

The 26-year-old nonprofit, Solutions at Work, is on the verge of extinction. The only things that can save it are: quick thinking on the part of the city, the will of the people, and/or a big fat check.

Solutions at Work was created in 1989 by a group of homeless individuals who knew exactly what social services were needed, and missing, in order to help people step out of the vicious cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Ken Field has been living, loving, and playing music in Cambridge for 25 years. He was married to animation film director and namesake of the visual art gallery at Cambridge Community Television, Karen Aqua, for 27 years, until she succumb to ovarian cancer in 2011.

Field hosts a creative instrumental music show on WMBR every Tuesday, 2-4 p.m. called “The New Edge,” and his bands include: The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Chandler Travis, and the Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band.