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Doing my best to capture the heart, soul, and essence of people, who then get to shine brightly on Cambridge Community Television. This in turn fills me with a great joy and satisfaction. I have lived many incarnations in Cambridge, Mass since 1986.

Stories by Kristina Kehrer

Local baristas are up to more in their lives then capping cappacinos with a milky froth. Meet 25- year-old, Tyler, who spends his weekends feeding people in need, and just anyone who is hungry with the local Boston/Cambridge collective, Food Not Bombs.




You can meet conceptual artist Geoff Hargadon, the man behind Cash For Your Warhol, at 1075 Cambridge St. in Inman Square until Sunday, February 28. He is usually in the pop-up shop next to Clover Restaurant from 4-7 p.m. 

The PURITAN & COMPANY is moving out of its “new restaurant” status on Cambridge Street, but relative to an Inman old-timer and a life-longer it still fits the bill. By evidence of a packed house whenever you walk by, the Puritan is a very popular restaurant. For us on the townie tour it’s a mixed bag, with the most defining quote of the night being, “People love it, we’re just different.”


Walter Sickert is a good guy with a great band, The Army of Broken Toys.

They have been around the Boston music scene for eight years, and they tour extensively and internationally. Early in the band’s existence they scored the esteemed role as the opening act for the illustrious Amanda Palmer by simply asking.

Mickey Bones has been a working musician and a hell of a character around Cambridge since the late 70s. When Cajun & Zydeco music was having its heyday in the late 80s and early 90s, Mickey Bones was front and center.

Bones started the much-revered Zydeco bands: the Boogaloo Swamis and Krewe De Roux, and the Dixieland/Second Line marching band, Hot Tamale Brass Band.

Siobhan Landry is a local filmmaker and teacher. She teaches several DSLR camera courses at Cambridge Community Television. She stumbled on to her new film project while visiting a historical house in Georgetown, Mass. It was a plastic covered hole in the ground covered with its own plaque that caught her attention. The hole was a supposed remnant of The Underground Railroad.

It’s big, really big, and the pain is more than any of us could have imagined. It stretches so far, so deep, and so wide Across the Universe that even The Whitehouse played David Bowie records on Monday, January 11, 2016 – the day we found out the chameleon, comedian, Corinthian and caricature had died.

I met the mom first. I met her the same way I met most of my neighbors, gardening the front yard. While I toiled, hoed, and spread dirt and perennials, they would stop and comment, always thrilled to see weeds plucked and beauty prevail. Over time, names were given and true acquaintances blossomed.

This restaurant opened unexpectedly after our townie tour began. We had no idea this one was coming; and poof, there it was one day in the place where the Cambridge Coffeehouse used to be.

Marc Levy is a writer. You can tell by the way he dictates language while in conversation. He doesn’t speak in sound bites or in 140 characters or less. He forms sentences relative to a paragraph of thought, which is why our conversation about journalism, media, writing, and Cambridge Day could only be edited down to 32 minutes.

He is also a journalist who created and is the editor of the online Cambridge news site, Cambridge Day.