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Doing my best to capture the heart, soul, and essence of people, who then get to shine brightly on Cambridge Community Television. This in turn fills me with a great joy and satisfaction. I have lived many incarnations in Cambridge, Mass since 1986.

Stories by Kristina Kehrer

Cambridge native, JJ Gonson, has found Nirvana! Although an accurate statement, it may be a bit overstated.

In the nineties, during the height of the “grunge years,” Gonson lived on the West Coast where she produced, managed, and toured with rock bands. It was during this incarnation that she experienced (hung with) Seattle grunge heroes, Nirvana.

Old news is still news; it’s just news to me when I happen to stumble upon it, as I did when I met Dougie Freeman in Provincetown this past January. In 2010, Freeman was the “star” of a Bravo reality-television show called, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

I met Raymond at The Original Tremont Tea Room in Boston several decades ago. I went in for a tarot card reading and I have been with him every since.

Raymond is as genuine and authentic as they get; no pretense what’s-so-ever. He is a disarming fellow man with a carefree sense of humor, and quite easy to talk to. His tarot readings are a mumbled, jumbled array of psychic, non sequitur puzzle pieces that confuse and bemuse until the moment they all become clear.

To be honest, we were braced for hate prior to this review. So far on this Townie Tour we have not experienced chills or thrills with any of the new restaurants on Cambridge Street. Bewilderment and disdain with a dollop of “whatever” would sum up our culinary tour so far, and it should be noted that out of all the restaurants we have reviewed, we have only revisited these restaurants once: Lone Star Taco Bar, The Rising, and Kimchi Kitchen.

Dan Thorn is wicked smart. He totally graduated from Harvard University. So why then, with all that Ivy League cred, would he choose to work a job that barely pays a living wage? Because Dan Thorn is a musician/audio engineer, and musician’s need flexibility.

The 1369 Coffee House employees a lot of highly educated musicians and artists who could probably make big bucks elsewhere in Cambridge, but big buck jobs require a certain amount of commitment that the creative class cannot provide.

Pat Medeiros was born and raised in Cambridge, Mass. Many people know her as “Miss Pat,” the friendly, engaging, and embracing Morse School crossing guard who ushered parents and children to and fro across Granite Street, for ten straight years.

Someone just recently asked me "Why a townie tour?" I always answer "why not?' But here is a more concise explanation.

Old-timers in Cambridge probably know what I just found out. The red brick building at 120 Brookline St. that looks like a warehouse, has signage that says Electrical Supplies, and the bright orange letters EMF in electrified font, used to be a factory that made motors. (EMF stands for Electromotive force.) That was back in the good old days when Cambridge specialized in blue-collar industries that supported the working class.

The Easter Rising was an armed insurrection that took place during Easter week, 1916 in Dublin, Ireland. The rebellion was an effort to end British rule and establish an Irish Republic. That particular battle was lost, but became the impetuous for change and independence that marched down a much bloodier road leading to a Free Irish State in 1922.

When you live in Cambridge you never know whom you might meet. My advice to all is keep yourself open and accommodating to strangers, because if you are lucky like me, you might have the pleasure of meeting a ballet teacher from the Boston Ballet.