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I´m a Journalism student at Catholic University Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. I believe that every individual has great potential and that it is our responsibility to give our light to the world.


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Last Wednesday, Sept. 6, was launched the book "Altered Traits: Science Reveals how Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body" written by the psychologist Daniel Goleman, known for his best-selling books on emotional intelligence and by Richard Davidson, professor of psychology and psychiatry and founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at Wisconsin University.

The event was held at Harvard Square in the Brattle Theater at 6:00 pm and was full of attendees.

David and Richard told how they got interested in meditation and how was the process of research of the book.

It's being more than a year since the Exhibition of Glass Flowers reopened on May 21, 2016, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. This exhibition was first opened in April 1893 but then was closed in November 2015.

The Glass Flowers have a beautiful connection between science and art where the artisan made a great work to modeled botanical elements. It's not only a great aesthetical representation but also a way to learn the science of plants and flowers.

A group of opponents of Donald Trump's administration protested at Harvard Square manifesting that this government is a real threat for the country, humanity, and fascist.

Joe Murphy, leader of the group said that “America was never great” because the foundation of the country was based on exploitation for profit. Also, that Trump's regime is fascist because they are relying on nuclear weapons to solve problems, shut down the press, and has created a speech based on discrimination.

Therefore, the intentions of the group's manifestation were the following statements:

¿Te imaginas tener la capacidad de recordar una gran cantidad de datos? Así lo ha logrado, Jim Karol, un hombre de Pensilvania, Arlington, EE.UU. Cuando era pequeño no mostró ningún signo de genialidad y la escuela no fue su mejor época. De hecho, tuvo que estudiar varios veranos para poder graduarse. Después, pasó 20 años trabajando en una fábrica de acero.  

Jim Karol, the man with the "best memory in the world," visits MIT in Cambridge to talk about training the brain.

Could you imagine having an amazing capacity that stores lots of information in your brain? This is what Jim Karol, a man from Pensylvania, achieved. When he was young he didn't demonstrate any sign of this ability. Actually, he had a hard time at school, and to get his diploma he needed extra work. Later, he started working at a steel mill factory for 20 years.