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Journalist, producer, and neighbor who enjoys meeting people, being involved in community and living a simple life of respect and harmony.  Graduate of Cleveland State University, Ohio B.A. Psychology and Business Administration.  Graduate certificate American University, Washington, DC in Film, Radio, Video and Television Broadcast Media; Harvard Institute of Learning in Retirement, Member; DCTV (DC); PGCTV (MD); AIM (VA); CCTV (MA); Chamber of Commerce (AL)& (MD) Mother of three adult sons (husband Houston Brown, Jr. of 20 years deceased/Cancer) Currently a resident of Cambridge, MA.  Retired from The Boeing Company occassionally work as a contractor to various corporations/organizations such as Novartis, BioGen, etc. Also I am a BeLive producer/host of "The Ordinary Show" about Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things watch Channel 9 or webseries at and Journalist.  I love to read, travel and take pictures of life.Currently serve on Board of Directors CCTV; Fundrasing Committee, Chair

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Legislative issues lie in wait to be addressed, we all agree. But Senator Pat Jehlen believes in the importance of taking a moment of pause to refresh and reflect over food & fellowship. Every year, Senator Patricia Jehlen opens her home to her constituents to sample her homemade soups. The event is free and open to the public. Medford, Somerville, Winchester, and Cambridge constituents are only expected to bring a hearty appetite. However, in the spirit of hospitality, most don't want to come empty-handed.

Jennifer Yanco, author of Misremembering Dr. King approached the subject of who really cares about remembering Dr. King from an interesting perspective by sharing a diagram of Dr. Kings approval rating in 1964 compared to today. Oddly enough, despite his approval rating being very low 2% in 1964, 98% of the population were keenly aware and knowledgeable of his message and his mission as opposed to today where his approval rating is 98% but less than 2% know of major issues that were the impetus behind the civil rights movement.