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Bimal Nepal

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I am a photographer based in Cambridge, MA.

My work has been appeared in National Geographic, web, blogs, news media and stock portfolios including iStockphoto and Corbis Images.

I specialize in photojournalism, documentary photography and environmental portraiture. I am an experienced journalist in a daily newspaper and currently working as fashion and model photographer in InterFace, Boston and Contributor photojournalist in Demotix, a London based news agency.

Stories by Bimal Nepal

Cambridge Carnival 2017

Cambridge Carnival is a colorful and festive celebration rooted in African traditions. This free festival celebrated its 25th anniversary on Sept. 10, 2017. The event is considered a Cambridge institution, and is the largest festival in Cambridge with thousands of attendees. The highlight of the festival is a grand costume parade accompanied by rich rhythmic musicality promoting all types of cultures. Participants can be seen as revelers masquerading through the streets in dazzling handmade costumes, dancing to the beat of the Carnival.