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I live and work in Cambridge--lucky me!  I have 20+ years experience teaching teens how to use multi-media platforms as tools for learning.  Since 2005 I've worked with teens at MIT/Terrascope Youth Radio, and at CRLS' Media Arts Studio.  My passion is advocating for more creative forms of learning, and urging educators to embrace using artistic expression as an outcome.

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This Saturday, November 5,  promises to be a special day at the MIT Museum.

Twice each year the museum celebrates women in science, technology, engineering, and math by opening its doors to girls who are interested in investigating, building and testing their own designs. 

Who isn't tired of this election season?  No matter who you're for, the rhetoric, the nastiness is enough to make a sane person scream.

CCTV has gathered a diverse group of local, respected journalists who will talk you off the ledge by putting some objective perspective on what's turning out ot be the ugliest election season in our lifetime.

Join us this Saturday, October 22, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cambridge Public Library.  Doors open at 9:30 p.m. The link below offers more information, and a list of confirmed participants.  Admission is free.

A lot of us have them hiding in "the drawer"--pills leftover from unfinished prescriptions.  What to do with them?

I've got a solution for you...on your way to or back from CCTV's Media and Elections mini-conference at the Cambridge Public Library on Saturday, October 22, stop at the police department and get rid of them.

A medication drop-off box sits waiting 24/7 in the front lobby of the records unit.  We don't have to lecture you about the dangers of having unused and/or expired drugs laying around, so please! take advantage of this free and confidential service. 



Last Saturday's 23rd annual EarthFest was an exhilarating event--as always--featuring music, free food and drink samples, and information about how together we can lessen negative impacts on our environment.

It's the end of the school year.  We can almost taste summer, it's in the air.  The best part about May--besides proms and graduation--is seeing and experiencing student projects that our youth have produced over the past nine months.


“The conference seeks to empower  girls to create positive social change by reminding them that their opportunities are limitless.”


Hey, young women and parents and friends of young women, listen up:


The Boston area Chapter of the National Alumae Association of Spelman College is inviting middle- and high school-aged girls to their annual Blueprint Conference, to be held Friday-Sunday, June 10-12 here in Cambridge at MIT.


The City of Cambridge Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) ordinance goes into effect on March 31.  There’s a link to the announcement at the bottom of this article that takes a lot of words to say that plastic bags are being banned and that business owners will charge 10-cents for each paper bag you need to carry out your purchases if you’ve forgotten your reusable bags.


This year, I’m hell bent on merging Thanksgiving with Christmas, and I hope you can bear with me while I explain.

Think of it for a minute.  What’s spoiled Christmas is things. People standing up from a turkey dinner, running to stand in line at a big box store and then fighting, really fighting over some thing.  I’m sure Santa Claus would be horrified if he thought flying around in his sleigh would morph into a Wal-Mart employee being stampeded to death.

Hence my idea of merging the holidays.

On July 30 of this year, my colleague Reba-Glory Cabral wrote about Hands Cambridge, an event involving a piano, a piano teacher, and skilled and unskilled hands.  

The Hands Movement began in 2014 when founder Alyssa O'Toole set up a piano in Boston and asked 50 people to play a part of a song.  Some of the participants knew how to play, but many didn't. However, Ms. O'Toole's patient coaching opened the door for even the most hesitant would-be pianist.