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Kate Spade - Dream Inferred

Kate Spade built a "lifestyle brand" in the 1990s before the term even existed

By standard definition, Kate Spade represented the epitome of success. She appeared happy, was married to a handsome famous husband, and together they had a beautiful healthy daughter. Having an estimated net worth of $150 million, Coach recently decided to purchase the Kate Spade brand raising her net worth to a whopping $2.4 billion.

Local aspiring designer Eren Kavaas blends fashion and function with her thrifted, recycled, repurposed, and upcycled creations.
By using clothing, materials, and fabrics that may have had a former life, Eren transforms "has been" to "must have" fashion.
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The last day of February signifies the last day of the study of Black History Month. A word to the wise...stay woke.

One event has ended but our efforts are ongoing

Life happens...are you ready?

Whether it's hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, or floods, disasters come upon us quickly and unexpectedly. A part of us empathize with others, but another part of us believe "it's not likely to happen to me."

September is Emergency Preparedness month, it's time to get ready by at least making a plan. Visit My Ordinary Show where we talk about Emergency Preparedness

In the words of a phenomenally wise man, Bishop T.D. Jakes "Get ready, get ready, get ready"

I was reading an interesting article in the Cambridge Chronicle about the old Harvard Square Theater. 

The building is located on Church Street and I walk past it every week on my way to class. 

It has always caught my eye because of the beautiful nostalgic murals painted on the building's exterior.

The artwork reminds me of simpler happier times.  Just puts me in a good mood. 

Signs going up...

Cambridge is a city of "squares".  If you're new to the area or a traveler passing through, it might be a challenge finding the "downtown" area of the town.  Once you come to grips with the layout, one can appreciate the culture, attitude, and attributes of the many "squares" of Cambridge.  Of course, Harvard Square has been covered in the media lately because of the perceived extinction of it's smaller traditional "mom & pop" style stores that have been around for close to 100 years.

Powerful Peaceful Protest in Boston

The President of the United States spoke to the nation tonight about race relations

Why now?

Perhaps the exponential numbers of murders of citizens by police officers warranted the conversation

Or it could be the recent murder of police officers by a private citizen?

Whatever the reason,

African American children are crying for their fathers tonight,

Caucasian children are crying for their fathers tonight,

Hispanic and Latino children are crying for their fathers tonight...

because they are not.

Are you a couch potato contributing to the nightmare of life?

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I pause to reflect on why. 

Superficially we remember his humanitarian efforts, his walk with Gandhi, talks with Malcolm, negotiations with nations and presidents, and his humble beginnings of marching and breaking bread with everyday people like you and me.  His life was truly a testament to what it means to "love thy neighbor".

Subconsciously, what's going on in our minds?

Somewhere nestled between our jubilation and indignation we remember the injustices that he preached against.