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CAMBRIDGE – On Monday evening Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, co-director of the Evolutionary Medicine Program at the University of California Los Angeles and visiting professor in Harvard University’s Department of Human and Evolutionary Biology, hosted a compelling lecture on the importance of comparative perspectives to deepen scientific understanding of both physical and psychological illnesses in humans and animals.

CAMBRIDGE – The first floor of Lesley University’s Sherrill Library was buzzing with energy on Thursday evening as students, faculty and Cambridge locals alike came to celebrate the opening reception of Portraits and Power.
Lesley University College of Art and Design seniors Rocky Cotard and Mosheh Tucker curated an exhibition featuring their most recent portrait paintings.

CAMBRIDGE – In light of Black History Month, Lesley University BFA students and alumni came together on Thursday evening for the opening reception of a black artist showcase.

The exhibition was a revisit of the February 2016 showcase, Black History Matters 365 created and organized by Percy Fortini-Wright, which sought to “reflect on black history, empowerment and pride.”

CAMBRIDGE – The idea of female genital mutilation (FGM) may seem like a foreign concept to many Cambridge residents, however on Feb. 12 the screening of the 30-minute documentary, ‘A Pinch of Skin’ and the discussion that followed sought to spread awareness about FGM and begin a conversation about a topic that is often silenced.

While it might not get as much foot traffic as the neighboring Harvard Square, Porter Square is home to a variety of shops and restaurants and offers a great deal of promise for future revenue.

Now a part of Lesley University, University Hall at 1815 Massachusetts Ave., was once a Sears from 1985 to 1991 but now houses a variety of shops and dining opportunities. A Work Out World inhabited the lower level of the building until May 2014, and on Jan. 31 of this year Planet Fitness filled the vacant 15,000-foot-space.