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The unusual weather of Feb. 21 brought sunshine and 71-degree temperatures. It was a beautiful day for a student walkout at Lesley University, held in solidarity with the recent mass shooting at Stoneham Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

The walkout happened during classes at 12 p.m. on Wednesday in Lesley’s Doble quad. Approximately 30 students and professors participated. Junior Annie Cooper was one student to take part.

Toni Morrison once said all good art is political. The work of Marica Quartuccia — a visual artist living and working in Marseille, France — is an embodiment of this ideal. Quartuccia will be showing an exhibit at CCTV’s Karen Aqua Gallery later this year. Though Quartuccia lives in Marseille, she visits Cambridge frequently to see her children and grandchildren.

From the ages of 14 to 18, Quartuccia studied at the Marguerite Allard Academy in Marseille. Quartuccia wanted to study art in college, but was faced with opposition from her family.

CAMBRIDGE - By the time the opening reception of Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974-1995 began on Feb. 7, the List Visual Arts Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was full of art enthusiasts, chatting in the lobby and exploring the gallery. Before Projection is a celebration of early video sculptures and their artists. The conception of video sculptures in the early 1970s was the beginning of a new artistic medium and sparked a revolution of multimedia in art.

CAMBRIDGE - The Boston area has strong ties to Puerto Rico, and on Feb. 8, some 30 people milled about rows of red plastic chairs on the second floor of the Cambridge Public Library in Central Square — several conversations taking place in Spanish — ahead of the lecture, “Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico: Roots of a Crisis.”

The event began with a historical presentation from Dr. Pedro Reina-Perez. Reina-Perez is a professor at the University of Puerto Rico, and the director of the Harvard Puerto Rico Winter Institute.