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Carl Yastrzemski-Captain Carl-Yaz-Number Eight

Captain Carl a hero to Cambridge baseball fans

Make no mistake he was the leader of the Boston Red Sox. He did things no other teammate ever did. He only played one year in the minor leagues. He played for Raleigh and batted an unheard of .477. That's very close to one hit for every two at bats.   

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Looie Looie

Cambridge Little League coach inspired by Red Sox legend Luis Tiant

Looie Looie; who could ever forget that chant. From 35,000 plus fans; Tiant wound up like a whirlwind and jerked his head and fired the baseball home to strike out the batter who had a full count on him with the bases loaded. Fenway exploded with cheers of joy and happiness as Looie won yet another drama- packed close game. Back in the day, it was not unusual for tiant to pitch 160 pitches. Sometimes even more.

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Cambridge InsideOut for March 22, 2016

All the latest in Cambridge civics, politics, government and more ...

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Destined for Skate-ness

Lynch Family Skatepark destined to play vital role in Cambridge community

Skateboarding around the streets of the Boston-Cambridge area receives a fair amount of negative attention. As skateboarders creatively use structures on owned properties, they are often told to go away or end up in danger of violations.

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Sayonara Summer

Grab those Last Selfies for the Season

Labor Day...the final frontier before we put away the mementos of summer. 

Whether it be a final visit to the beach, back yard BBQs (hint hint), or catching the latest movie blockbuster, Labor Day is sort of the last Hoorah before returning to school or the routine of work.

For many in the Cambridge area (i.e.. students), summer means returning home to catch a breather from university studies. 

Hence, the real experience of a Cambridge summer is always missed. 

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How soccer unites a community

Soccer Nights brings together youths for five-day camp

When I say "soccer," you say "nights!"

The coaching directors shouted cheers to the 125 kids participating at the Central Square site of this year’s Soccer Nights program, which was held earlier this summer.

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Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association hears report on Olympic Games proposal

Magazine Beach a possible venue for Triathlon

Peter Campot, Nikko Mendoza

The meeting of the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association on Tuesday, June 9, was of compelling interest though attendance was light – about 20 people including presenters and CNA officers. Boston Olympics Organizing Committee members Nikko Mendoza (right) and Peter Campot (left) reported on a pending proposal to make Boston and surrounding area the official U.S. candidate to host the 2024 Olympic Games. Other contenders include Hamburg, Rome, and perhaps Paris.

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Can We Build a New Bicycle & Pedestrian Path through Cambridge?

The Grand Junction Trail Is On Track

I recently attended a hearing held by the City Council's Transportation and Public Utilities Committee on the future of the Grand Junction rail right of way through Cambridge. The theme was to further explore the idea of creating a bicycle and pedestrian path through eastern Cambridge. The tracks run from behind the Twin Cities shopping center in East Cambridge, through Kendall Square, MIT, and Cambridgeport to the Cottage Farm (B.U.) bridge over the Charles River.