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Going to Pieces

Michèle Fandel Bonner Mines Ephemera for Insight at the Chandler Gallery

Artist Michèle Fandel Bonner sees every label affixed to our clothing as “a little graphic that someone designed hoping for attention.” Bonner’s wall hangings and sculpture made from what Bonner calls “the castoffs of daily life”—including cherry pits, champagne caps, wooden spools, and, of course, clothing labels—are on display at the Chandler Gallery in her upcoming show entitled “Piecework.” Bonner’s taliswomen dolls made from clothing labels won first prize in the Chandler Gallery’s “Smal

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“Solutions at Work” NEEDS YOU!

The 26-year-old nonprofit, Solutions at Work, is on the verge of extinction. The only things that can save it are: quick thinking on the part of the city, the will of the people, and/or a big fat check.

Solutions at Work was created in 1989 by a group of homeless individuals who knew exactly what social services were needed, and missing, in order to help people step out of the vicious cycle of poverty and homelessness.

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Parking Day is happening this Friday!

This Friday, Sept. 18 is Parking Day, an international celebration in which metered parking spaces are transformed into miniature public places for the day. Cambridge has more parking spaces transformed than any other city in the world.

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My interviewee was late to the Winthrop Square Park in Harvard Square, so I took up conversation with a busking musician. The conversation turned to the omnipresent topic du jour: the over-development and massive landscape changes in Cambridge, and the loss of longstanding, beloved businesses.

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Vote! Vote! Vote!

YWCA Hosts Voter Registration

Not registered? No problem

Need an absentee ballot? No problem

Not sure where your voting place is located?  No problem.


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Teen talks activism

Find out what activism means for this involved youth

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Center for Sustainable Energy Establishes New Northeast Regional Office in Cambridge

Nonprofit resource to offer independent and unbiased clean energy program management, workforce training and technical assistance to government agencies, businesses, utilities and residents throughout the region.

Cambridge, Mass. (Aug. 12, 2015) – The Center for Sustainable Energy® (CSE) today announced the opening of its Northeast regional office in Cambridge, Mass. Located in the Cambridge Innovation Center, CSE is broadening its efforts to help government agencies, utilities, businesses and residents throughout the region plan and achieve higher sustainable energy and efficiency goals.

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Girls Taking Action in Cambridge

Local teens take on issue of gentrification

Step by step, little by little girls can make a change. They can be empowered to change the wrong doings in the world and help their community. Girls Taking Action is where it counts.

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NeighborMedia provides training, perks for aspiring reporters

Teen journalist and NeighborMedia coordinator talk importance of CCTV's citizen journalism program

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Growing a Community

Cambridge community gardens bring nature and friendship to the urban environment

Living in the city of Cambridge has many benefits: a diverse population, thousands of caring citizens, various types of restaurants, a vibrant creative community and the convenience of urban life. What the city lacks is what most cities lack: nature.

A lack of nature and opportunity to connect with the earth is why the Community Garden Program, run by the Conservation Commission, is so important.