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Traversing Cambridge

Take a 'you day' and explore Cambridge with this mini map of ideas!

Imagine this. You wake up to the sound of birds chirping, the sun shining on your face, and a full day ahead of you. Only thing is, you have no plans. You try ringing a few friends to see if they want to take advantage of this beautiful day with you, but they all decline, citing ‘work’ or ‘going to the dentist.’ You find this strange because its a Saturday, but what do you know, some people are very passionate about maintaing healthy teeth.

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CCTV is a Knight News Challenge Semi Finalist!

Building on the success of NeighborMedia

CCTV's proposal, Vote Strong: The Cambridge Voter Portal, has been chosen as one of 45 semi-finalists in the 2015 Knight News Challenge. There were over 1000 entries in the challenge, which asks the question "How might we better inform voters and increase civic participation before, during and after elections?"

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Can We Build a New Bicycle & Pedestrian Path through Cambridge?

The Grand Junction Trail Is On Track

I recently attended a hearing held by the City Council's Transportation and Public Utilities Committee on the future of the Grand Junction rail right of way through Cambridge. The theme was to further explore the idea of creating a bicycle and pedestrian path through eastern Cambridge. The tracks run from behind the Twin Cities shopping center in East Cambridge, through Kendall Square, MIT, and Cambridgeport to the Cottage Farm (B.U.) bridge over the Charles River.

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Participatory Budget Project Results

Six winners announced


A $320,000 public toilet for Central Square is the biggest of six proposed improvements chosen by popular vote in Cambridge's recent  Participatory Budgeting Project to receive city funding. The results were  announced at a Vote Results Party April 7 at the Citywide Senior Center.

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NeighborMedia Facecast for April 10, 2015

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An indubitable truth is that change comes very slowly to Inman Square. This reality might suit the residents just fine, but business owners are starting to get impatient about the longevity of some empty storefronts.  

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Reducing the Fear and Loathing of Wintertime

Reducing the Fear and Loathing of Wintertime

There are very few people -- especially transit riders, car owners and homeowners in Cambridge -- who would wish to go through another winter like the one we just survived. The only exceptions would be snow plow drivers and contractors who fix gutters and roofs. Hardware stores selling salt and shovels did a good business too.

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NeighborMedia Facecast for April 3, 2015

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Poetic voices educate & liberate!

Artists speak out against violence in Cambridge

Cambridge, MA - Friday March 27th 6:30 p.m., I attended Poetry Matters: Voices Against Violence at the Out Of The Blue Too Gallery. It was a an event featuring poet laureates both locally and from across the state. The featured poets included Brenda Walcott, Askia Touré, Tony Van Der Meer, Everett Hoagland, Soul Brown, Neil Calendar, Tontongi, Jill Netchinsky and Boston Poet Laureate Danielle Legros Georges along with visual artistry courtesy of Aldo Tambellini presented by Anna Salamone.

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Strange things are happening in the City of Cambridge April 1, 2015

Here is a roundup of what could pass for news in Cambridge, if proper journalistic standards were applied :

1. At the City Council meeting last Monday, a public comment session was held, and nobody had anything to say. In a Council order passed unanimously, the Council voted to send a letter to Bob LaTremouille requesting that he make frequent appearances to fill the vacuum.