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News Brief

CRLS Alumni Association Upcoming Events and Congratulations!

Boston Gaming Convention- PAX East

A gaming convention set in Boston attracts thousands for weekend celebration of nerdy pastimes.

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Empty Bowls Project aids homeless

Empty Bowls Project aids homeless

Photo: On The Rise board member Josh Gerber (left), President Carol Goss (right), and Puritan service manager Meghan Dahl (center) with bowls made by local potters.  More than 100 people made their way through ice and snow to the Puritan & Company restaurant, 1166 Cambridge Street, on Saturday, March 7, for the Second Annual Empty Bowls Project. Empty Bowls is an international undertaking to fight hunger.

March College Events Roundup

Looking for some interesting goings on and Lectures around Cambridge for Free? Here are some of the events being hosted in the coming month

Looking for some things to do that are free and open to the public? These are some of the interesting events being hosted by the colleges in the Cambridge area that anyone can go to.

HARVARD LECTURE: Mapping the Universe

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Lesley University Breaks New Ground in Cambridge

Lesley University officially opens new LUCAD building near Porter Square.

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Lesley University hosts Robert Putnam, author of 'Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of the American Community.'

Robert Putnam, author and political scientist, recently spoke at Lesley University to discuss the growing gap between rich and poor kids.

Robert Putnam, author of, ‘Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community’ and Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University, spoke last night at Lesley University to discuss the domestic challenge facing us today: “a growing gap between rich kids and poor kids.” Putnam, a political scientist, emphasized the growing disparity between the have and the have nots, and made a

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No Love for February

Only the SECOND coldest month on record

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CCTV Seeks Nominees for Board of Directors

the Board is the governance body of CCTV

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Why NeighborMedia Matters

The urgent need for citizen journalism in America