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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 15: "Celebrating Women's Heritage"

In the 15th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, four local women celebrate Cambridge Women's Heritage through a thoughtful discussion reflecting the legacy of Cambridge women past and present, unsung and famous, who have shaped the city and the community we live in.

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Changing Cambridge Businesses: University Stationery

This is the first installment of a new series that profiles small local businesses as they deal with the rapidly changing economic landscape. Here, I pay a visit to University Stationery on Mass Ave in Central Square.


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Cambridge InsideOut for March 22, 2016

All the latest in Cambridge civics, politics, government and more ...

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 14: "Teens on Politics: Election 2016"

In "Teens on Politics: Election 2016," the 14th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, NeighborMedia coordinator Frank Morris interviews four Cambridge teens in a discussion centered around their political views, their knowledge of the U.S. presidential candidates, the roles race and gender have played in the current election cycle, and the issues most important to the youths' future. Shoot date: March 16, 2016. Premiere date: March 21, 2016.

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The Convert performs its last week in Cambridge

Quality theater is right around your corner in Central Square.

NeighborMedia is always interested in the arts and supporting voices not necessarily always heard in the city of Cambridge. February boasts wonderful performances, especially in theater arts. And while there have been numerous choices, and you cannot support them all, you still have time to catch a glimpse of quality local theater before this month is over. One such amazing theater presentation is The Convert a play by actor/playwright Danai Gurira.

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Not for Nothin' - Katherine Bennett, Spare Change News

Katherine Bennett, the new Executive Director of Spare Change News, is interviewed by Susan Fleischmann. 2-22-2016

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Cambridge InsideOut for Jan. 27, 2016

Updates and discussion of current issues + 1992 Tip O'Neill interview

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 13: "Human Trafficking - Sex Trafficking in Cambridge"

Human trafficking, the modern slave trade: 30 million people are enslaved in the world today, more than anytime in human history, and yes, human trafficking has taken place right here in Cambridge. This episode of Cambridge Uncovered places a focus on sex trafficking, as NeighborMedia coordinator Frank Morris interviews Simon Hedlin of Cambridge-based Demand Abolition, Steven Procopio with Roxbury Youthworks, and Det. Sgt. Louis Cherubino from the Cambridge Police Department.

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Cambridge Uncovered

Go in Depth on Cambridge Matters Important to You

From human trafficking to sustainability, women's homelessness to health disparities, "Cambridge Uncovered" seeks to dive in depth on issues that matter to Cantabrigians. Watch "Cambridge Uncovered" Wednesdays at 9 p.m. or Fridays at 1 p.m. on CCTV Ch. 8 or anytime at to learn more about matters important to the ‪Cambridge‬ community.


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Body & Sold

Documentary play about sex trafficking to be hosted Feb. 7 at Democracy Center

The followings scenes are excerpted  from BODY & SOLD, a documentary play created by Deborah Lake Fortson from interviews she conducted with young people in Boston, Hartford, New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.  These young adults had run away from home, were picked up and trafficked, then trapped as workers in the sex industry for months or years.