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Cambridge Receives 9.5" of Snowfall Thursday

Thursday several Cambridge businesses shut their doors due to a sudden flurry of snowfall in Massachusetts. According to a public information statement issued by the National Weather Service, Cambridge itself received a snowfall of 9.5 inches. The public schools of Cambridge canceled classes on Thursday because of the snowfall, but schools reopened Friday morning.

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Standing with Standing Rock

Have you ever seen a car driving around town with a large buffalo on top of it? Well, that car belongs to Bob Smith aka “Smitty.” On the urging of his old friend Butch Thunderhawk, an Inman Square regular back in the nineties, Smitty headed out to Standing Rock to help protest the Dakota Access pipeline.

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Green Cambridge and the City’s Goals for Environmental Effectiveness

Cambridge recycles

Cambridge is a trailblazer in Massachusetts on the front of recycling and environmental awareness. Long-time residents will have noticed the rigorous implementation of new recycling initiatives in recent years.

n 2002, the City Council adopted the Cambridge Climate Protection Plan, which aims to cut overall greenhouse gas emissions in the city by 80 percent by 2050. The current goals, including a 30 percent waste reduction by 2020, were based on the MA Solid Waste Master Plan.

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Cambridge InsideOut for July 12, 2016

Main topic: the Cambridge water system, including watersheds, structures, Fresh Pond

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Cambridge InsideOut for July 5, 2016

In this episode, topics included recycling, composting, driverless cars, elevated highways, and the dangers of falling for "the next big thing." The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters.

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Current Sustainability Efforts at Lesley University Imply Environmentally Friendly Future

Lesley University is probably most known for its dedication to encouraging creativity and its specialty in education. However, the university also has a focus on engaging in sustainability throughout its three campuses and promoting participation in environmentally responsible activities outside of school.

“We believe that sustainability is an essential part of the university’s commitment to the future,” reads Lesley’s webpage about the school’s sustainability efforts.

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Cambridge Works to Prepare for Climate Change

The city of Cambridge has decided to develop a plan to alter infrastructure to accommodate the changing weather we will experience in the coming years due to global climate change.

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Expert Panel Launches “Envisioning Cambridge” at the Main Public Library

On the eve of February 11, in the auditorium of the Cambridge Main Public Library, Envisioning Cambridge was formally launched – not with a bang but with a low sounding hmm and wow.

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Reusable bags are the new normal

The City of Cambridge Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) ordinance goes into effect on March 31.  There’s a link to the announcement at the bottom of this article that takes a lot of words to say that plastic bags are being banned and that business owners will charge 10-cents for each paper bag you need to carry out your purchases if you’ve forgotten your reusable bags.


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