Homeless Woman shares her story

I went out on the streets of Cambridge to hear people's stories, this is one of them.

In Central Square I approached a couple, (pictured above) and asked them their story. The woman told me their names were Jacquelyn Avery and Francis Lambert, and that he was her fiancée. Jacquelyn was ecstatic that I was taking interest in the homeless.

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Poetic voices educate & liberate!

Artists speak out against violence in Cambridge

Cambridge, MA - Friday March 27th 6:30 p.m., I attended Poetry Matters: Voices Against Violence at the Out Of The Blue Too Gallery. It was a an event featuring poet laureates both locally and from across the state. The featured poets included Brenda Walcott, Askia Touré, Tony Van Der Meer, Everett Hoagland, Soul Brown, Neil Calendar, Tontongi, Jill Netchinsky and Boston Poet Laureate Danielle Legros Georges along with visual artistry courtesy of Aldo Tambellini presented by Anna Salamone.

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Artist Profile: Jana Corrado

I asked local artist Jana Corrado a few questions about her work and what inspires her art. She exhibited some of her work at the YWCA Cambridge for the month of March. Read more to learn all about Jana!

Can you give me a brief bio of who you are and how you came to make art?

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Can February March? No, but April May!

Warm weather is near, so there best be a Spring in your step! If you’re blanking on some fun outdoor activities to do this summer look no further for a few fun ideas to inspire you.

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Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline in Cambridge

Jay Blitzman speaks at Cambridge Public Library

I had the good fortune to be able to attend the talk given by Jay Blitzman on Tuesday March 23, 2015 at the Main Library in Cambridge. Unfortunately, a previous commitment prevented me from seeing the entire program. Mr. Blitzman, the First Justice of the Middlesex County, MA Juvenile Court, spoke on the problem nationwide. He made the point that some very anti-intuitive things are going on in our country. Sixty years after Brown vs.

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Not for Nothin' Cambridge Symphony Orchestra

Interviews with Nonprofit Executive Directors

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Kids Court Is Now In Session!

North Cambridge Family Opera presents Kids Court

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Spring Arts 2015 Preview

While we've all been buried in snow this Winter, the Cambridge Arts Council has been busy preparing for Open Studios, Riverfest and more.

Boston Gaming Convention- PAX East

A gaming convention set in Boston attracts thousands for weekend celebration of nerdy pastimes.

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Hong Kong is Harvard's Hidden Gem

Hong Kong Restaurant offers entertainment with the comforts of home.

As a part-time Cambridge resident, and full time college student, my friends and I are constantly looking for fun, and more importantly, free things to do. Of course, if you ask just about anyone, free and fun are two of the biggest qualifications for both weekend and weekday activities.