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Not for Nothin' - Dyanne London, Encampment for Citizenship


Dyanne London, Board member of the Encampment for Citizenship (EFC) is interviewed by Susan Fleischmann. EFC conducts residential summer programs with year-round follow-up for young people of widely diverse backgrounds and nations. It provides youth with a compelling experience in democratic living, with emphasis on critical thinking and social action.

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Third Annual Empty Bowls luncheon Saturday, March 12, noon to 3 pm

Empty bowls project helps feed the hungry in Cambridge

The Third Annual Empty Bowls project on Saturday, March 12, will help feed the hungry in Cambridge. In return for a $35 contribution, donors will share a festive lunch between noon and 3 pm at the Puritan & Co. restaurant at 1166 Cambridge Street in Inman Square. The menu will feature home-made specialty soups contributed by local eateries. Each patron can choose and take home a bowl hand-crafted by a local artisan.

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Local comic artist speaks about recent release


Ben Doane is a local comic artist, author of Good Morning Gorgon, which he does in collaboration with Olivia Li, and the recently released Skull Clit.  I sat down with him Sunday the 21st at the Dunkin Donuts in Harvard Square—which he jokingly says he lives at—to talk to him about his work.

Good Morning Gorgon is about a single mother gorgon, who takes care of her headsnake children.  Its child friendly, and revolves around the struggles of a single parent household.

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The Convert performs its last week in Cambridge

Quality theater is right around your corner in Central Square.

NeighborMedia is always interested in the arts and supporting voices not necessarily always heard in the city of Cambridge. February boasts wonderful performances, especially in theater arts. And while there have been numerous choices, and you cannot support them all, you still have time to catch a glimpse of quality local theater before this month is over. One such amazing theater presentation is The Convert a play by actor/playwright Danai Gurira.

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Love Sucks Oddity Market lives up to its name

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I attended the Love Sucks Oddity Market, which was held Saturday, Feb. 13, from noon to 6 p.m. held at Eridanos tattoo shop at 38 Prospect Street.

The market was full of peculiar things from Bad Moon Consignment and Our Lady of Reclamation, ranging from taxidermy squirrels and deer, old textbooks on skin diseases, to sheep hearts in jars.

I found the market as a whole, however, quite underwhelming.

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Contra Dancing in Cambridge

Dancing is in full swing at the Cambridge Masonic Hall.

The Boston Intergenerational Dance Advocates, or BIDA, host a bi-monthly contra dance starting at 7:30 p.m. on the first and third Sunday of every month, at 1950 Massachusetts Ave., in Porter Square.

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Local Photojournalist Captures Past and Present of Women in Iran

The art exhibit, “Iran: Women Only,” which is on display at MIT’s Center for International Studies, allows visitors a glimpse into women’s historical and modern roles in Iran. The photographs were initially shot by local photojournalist Randy Goodman in 1980 during the Iran Hostage Crisis, and again more recently in 2015.

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Two Local Artists Explore “Mapping as a Metaphor”

The two artists on view at the new show opening Monday, February 15, at the Chandler Gallery, were unknown to one another when chosen last May for this current two-person show. But since meeting, both print maker Sarah Hulsey and painter Rhonda Smith agree their work has a lot in common.

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A Live Music & Burlesque Tribute to Labyrinth

Walter Sickert is a good guy with a great band, The Army of Broken Toys.

They have been around the Boston music scene for eight years, and they tour extensively and internationally. Early in the band’s existence they scored the esteemed role as the opening act for the illustrious Amanda Palmer by simply asking.

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Discover Cambridge Colleges through Free February Events

Cambridge is the ultimate college town, and the month of February is filled with events sponsored by local universities that are open to the general public. Stop by Harvard’s, MIT’s, Lesley University’s or Longy School of Music’s campuses to discover a breadth of free events ranging from educational to fun. Learn more about specific events by visiting that school’s website.  

Harvard University