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Warriors of Joy progress report

Melina at the Moody Street Circus

The world of belly dance, like any artistic community, has its hierarchies, its up and comers and seasoned vets, it's jittery first-timers and it's cool and collected headliners. Melinda 'Melina' Pavlata is clearly one of the latter. Last time I wrote, I spoke of her enchanting tray dance at Karoun in Newton.

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Fitness with Coach Doro

Doro Sadowicz at CCAE by Paul Sayed

With a background in molecular biology and bio-chemistry, Doro Sadowicz works as a researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute by day. By night she is a fitness instructor and health coach.  At the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Coach Doro teaches CIZE and Insanity. According to Doro, she was not always an athletic person and used to shy away from exercising in public or in groups.

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 16, "Food Justice: Focus on Food Security"

As Cambridge faces the ongoing issue of food justice and food security, moderator Joan Squeri of Healthy Communities Capital Consulting sits down with Veronica Barron of Food for Free, Alanna Mallon from the Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program and Vice Mayor Marc McGovern who chaired the city's Income Insecurity Commission, to talk about what’s being done – and what needs to be done – to lessen the problem of food matters facing many Cambridge families.

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Mark Zurlo and Tony Chin, Running for the Heather Abbott Foundation

providing prosthetic devices for those who need them

Mark Zurlo and Tony Chin are running the Boston Marathon to raise money for the Heather Abbott Foundation, which raises money to help amputees thrive in their recovery and return to the life they love. Heather lost a leg in the Marathon bombings, and was fortunate to receive donations for her own prosthetics - something that is very hard for most people to pay for.

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Warriors of Joy progress report

A visit to Karoun

Ken and Natassia at Karoun, 3/30/16

As previously reported, I am working on a documentary about the local belly-dance scene. It was still unnamed when I filed my initial report, but it has since become clear that it can only be called Warriors of Joy. For many reasons, that is exactly what these women are.

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Girlhood Project Educates Girls on Tough Topics

 On Tuesdays from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Lesley University hosts the Girlhood Project in two classrooms of their Wolfard hall. The program's goal is to expose middle school girls to their girlhood, and all the culture and social problems that come with it.

The program was started in 2008 by Lesley professor Amy Rutstein-Riley, and now runs along side her Girlhood, Identity, and Girl Culture course. College students from this class serve as mentors this program.

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 15: "Celebrating Women's Heritage"

In the 15th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, four local women celebrate Cambridge Women's Heritage through a thoughtful discussion reflecting the legacy of Cambridge women past and present, unsung and famous, who have shaped the city and the community we live in.

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College Town or Ghost Town

Why It's Hard to Run a Business in Cambridge

Living in a college town has its perks. You can barely go anywhere without walking past a coffee shop, bookstores are easy to find, and the students bring with them a wide range of diversity and culture. When school is in session, the area is thriving. For example, Harvard Square is crowded, cafes are filled to capacity with students on their laptops, and there are lines to get in to the best restaurants.

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Baseball season springs upon Cambridge

One thing I love about my life in Cambridge is I get to be a Little League baseball coach. It’s something I’ve been doing now for 10 years! Living here since I was 13 years old, I’ve had the blessings to be right across the river from Fenway Park, the home of the baseball icon, the Boston Red Sox. Growing up in Cambridge, my friends and I all had favorite players to emulate and cheer on.

Luis Tiant and Carl Yastrzemski were two players that I followed closely.

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Carl Yastrzemski-Captain Carl-Yaz-Number Eight

Captain Carl a hero to Cambridge baseball fans

Make no mistake he was the leader of the Boston Red Sox. He did things no other teammate ever did. He only played one year in the minor leagues. He played for Raleigh and batted an unheard of .477. That's very close to one hit for every two at bats.