You're Killing Me Already!


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New Play by Andrea Aptecker Comes to Stage

You're Killing Already by Andrea Aptecker

Theatre @ First will present a staged reading of CCAE teacher Andrea Aptecker’s new comedy, You’re Killing Me Already! on July 28, 2016 at 8pm in Davis Square. It is free and open to the public.   For further information, please visit their website:

A few weeks ago, Andrea Aptecker sat down with Paul Sayed, CCAE Staff, to talk about her play.

Where did the inspiration for the play originate?

I was joking with friends about writing a play about two old ladies and a bottle of gin.  A couple of weeks went by, and I decided to write a few pages for fun. A few more weeks passed and I wrote a little bit more. I started to enjoy spending time with these women. It was comforting and exciting in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I was creating the people I wanted to know. At the same time, my mother was having health issues, and that really influenced my work. (I’ll be playing the role of Sylvia in my play, which is based partly on my mother). The other bit of inspiration was a 10-minute play I did a couple of years ago by Woody Allen called Death Knocks. The play was funny because the language was so specifically Jewishy and New Yorky.  His characters had a specific tone and voice which I loved.

Can your share something your writing process?

What interests me most are relationships. So I started with barely an idea, a play about two older Jewish ladies who are best friends. I began writing their conversations, and gradually saw that I was writing the type of women I always gravitate towards, funny, smart, warm big mouths. Some days it felt like they were in the room with me, these two mother or grandmother figures talking about saggy breasts, the portly dictator from North Korea, and their neighbor who mysteriously died in her bathtub. After that, the plot and the other characters began to take shape. I received wonderful feedback from friends and teachers, especially Peter Littlefield, who teaches Playwriting at CCAE.   I also have to acknowledge Theatre @ First. They selected my play for their First Works program, and it’s such a thrill to have their support and backing.

What is the play about?

The play is about roommates Gertie and Sylvia, who are putting on a show for their senior community village talent night. As the big night approaches, the women invite friends for an evening of rehearsing, dancing, and cocktails. The kvetching, the pastrami, the sexual tension, you wouldn’t believe! After their guests have gone, Gert and Sylv argue about a woman they know who died suddenly. Sylvia fears a similar fate. What if she falls down the stairs, or accidentally drinks rat poison?

GERTIE: If anything is going to kill you, it’ll be me. I’ll choke you with my own two hands if I have to.

SYLVIA: You would do that for me?

GERTIE: Nothing but the best for you.

SYLVIA: Do you offer something in a smothering?

When the big night arrives, they perform their skit: Goddess transformations, sword fights, and the stages of womanhood, aging, and eventual death are on display.  Afterwards, the women meet with their gentleman friends. Secrets and fears are revealed. Friendship and love prevail, but time may no longer be on their side.