You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover: Be a Book in the Cambridge Human Library

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CCTV and the Cambridge Public Library will host the Human Library 5/5/18

Have you been subject to prejudice, discrimination or stigma based on who you are, where you came from, or how you self-identify? Are you able to talk about your experience in a respectful conversation with others who are curious?

If so, you may consider applying to be a Human Book in the Human Library, scheduled for May 5 from 1-4pm at the Main Branch of the Cambridge Public Library. Readers may check out a Human Book for up to 30 minutes in order to learn more about the experiences of those unlike themselves.

The Human Library is a collaboration between the Cambridge Public Library and Cambridge Community Television. The purpose of the event is to help people better understand others in their community.

If you are interested in applying to be a Human Book, please fill out this application. Applications may be submitted in writing at the main desk of the Cambridge Public Library, or at CCTV, 438 Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square. Applications are due no later than March 15; applicants will be screened in late March.