Welcome Back: Little League Meeting

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The doors opened at precisely seven o'clock at the UAV, a hall which the North Cambridge Little Baseball League uses for its meetings. There was a representative from every minor and major league team in the league. Dignitaries (as pictured) David Kale,the backbone of the north division and Peter McCaan starting his second term as president Also Becky Harmon is taking up the reigns doing the recruiting.

As the season, which will begin six months from now we find that the major league teams are almost completely full.The problem in the minor league is that 17 players are needed to fill up all five team rosters. The major problem is that the minor reds. need at least seven more players. Where do these players come from. Well, there are some ideas. Firstly, the Rindge Towers at 362,364,and402 has potential little leaguers. There are new buildings at Jefferson Park which may be opening soon.

A suggestion was made by one of the long time coaches. He said that the best way to build up the needed rosters is to allow six year old children to play in the minor league. Up to this point, only seven year olds could play in the minor leagues; joined by eight and nine year old players, Hopefully the recruiting and the lowering of the age limit can solve the problem of filling up the minor league team rosters
Another need brought to the floor was that the league is trying to get enough coaches so that there are at least two on every team. Some teams have seen to it to rent elementary school gyms for early season practices.

There were a couple more worthy suggestions to be mentioned. Firstly, the younger kids in the minors would be pitched to by the coaches for the first three weeks of the season. Mainly, this is very appropriate so the kids who are afraid of getting hit by pitch will see only good pitches to increase their confidence in the batters box. The second idea was that instead of two leagues there3 would be three. Six, seven, and eight year olds would be in their own league. Nine and ten year olds would make up.a second league. Eleven anda Twelve year olds would make up the senior circuit.

So in closing, the meeting was full and successful. So there is only one thing left to say. PLAYBALL!!