Vinfen Transforms Lives; Celebrates 8th Annual Community Banquet

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Vinfen is an agency which transforms lives by building the capacity of individuals, families, organizations, and communities to learn, thrive, and achieve their goals. As a human service leader, they strive to be the  provider, employer and partner of choice.

I will concentrate on an event which is held every year for the past eight years. It is known as the eigthh annual Community Celebration. Luckily I was named to be the Master of Ceremonies. My first job was to introduce the Vinfen Vice-President. After his opening remarks, he presented this years community awards. The first recipient went to a CHA employee. The other community award went to a property owner.

Every year there is a speech put together by a client who gives what is called a Personal Testimony. The next part of the program was Client Entertainment which is always a fan favorite. This year would be no different. There was singing, comedy, and poetry. All of which was very moving.

The full slate of activities was continued as dinner was served by some of the Vinfen staff to the clients and dignitaries Sausages in a roll, highlighted the delicious and scrumptious meal. While the dinner was devoured; there was time for door prizes. There were over 25 winners. I will take the time to thank 1369 Coffeehouse, S&S Restaurant, Stop&Stop Supermarket who donated gift cards to the affair. The biggest prizes were to be next. There were five baskets filled with gifts which were about different categories such as a movie basket with large amounts of candy and popcorn.

Every year the Vinfen Banquet Committee has a different theme. This year was to be no different. A Carnival theme was this year’s fun choice. Some of the games which were held upstairs were prizes for knocking over stuffed animals as well as trying to toss a ring over the coke bottles which were lined up in a formation. Stuffed plush animals were given to those who won. Dancing to the music of DJ Tommy was to round up the evening, Kudos to the 15 members of the staff of Vinfen who made up the Banquet Committee. Tunefoolery played for an hour as people streamed to their seats anxiously awaiting the nights festivities.

Finally special thanks went out to clients, family members, DMH, outreach and Residential Staff Members, platters and servers, Decoration Committee, Set-up and Clean up Crews, Transportation. Lastly anyone who has devoted their time to the success of our 8th Annual Community Celebration.