Veggie Galaxy Serves Vegetarian Varients Of Everyday Dishes


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Smack-dab on Massachusetts Avenue lays a vintage style vegetarian diner, Veggie Galaxy, that somehow forgot that people in the '50s ate meat. I decided to eat here to continue my pattern of eating in establishments devoid of meat. I’m still new the idea of meals that aren’t made out of death, and so again I was out of my element.

While I wasn’t born in the past, I still found the vintage theme Veggie Galaxy genuine - at least when compared to my idea of what a diner would have looked like. The grounds were polished concrete, with three seating sections: low-booths, high-booths, and bar seating. Each seat had its own coat hook, which is convenient because everyone grows tired of sitting on their coats.

The diner’s barstools were upholstered with glistening red leather, which I’m assuming was faux. The color theme was green/black for the booths, and red/white for the bar sections. Metallic borderings outlined most of the furniture, such as the stools and tables. The counter topped housed a familiar patter, that of overlapping boomerangs, a dated style that fits perfectly here. Staying true to traditional diner layout, the kitchen is in plain site and appeared to be exceedingly clean.

Veggie Galaxy has breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. After scourging the menu I decided to try out the “Rachel,” a sandwich containing corned beef substitute, green cabbage ‘kraut, and vegan cheese. It quickly came out, and at first I was quite perplexed. It appeared to have shaved beef on it, and I thought maybe I’d misunderstood the restaurants premise. I asked my waiter if it had meat, and he told me it was actually seitan. I then asked him what kind of animal that was, but he told me it was a protein substitute.

My sandwich was tasty, and had you told me it had beef on it I would have believed you; that is the highest complement I can pay to a vegetarian dish. The potato salad I ordered as a side was also yummy, and it tasted quite fresh. My meal also with a small spinach salad that I can’t comment on, I couldn’t eat it as I didn’t save room, and I’m not a communist.

I ordered a vegan strawberry banana shake to drink, and it came out in a classic shake glass complete with a half full tumbler. I have to say, it was probably the best ‘milkshake’ I’ve ever had in my life. I could taste the strawberries it had been made with, as opposed to most shakes where I recognize the semblance of strawberries by the artificial flavoring. The straw I drank from was also rather sturdy, which lent itself to efficient shake-slurping - an oft overlooked detail.

Overall, I’d say I had a rather pleasant culinary experience. I’m slowly opening up to the idea of becoming a full time vegetarian in between the meals where I eat meat. True to an old diner's setup, I paid my check at the front of the restaurant by the rotating display of desserts, and I left Veggie Galaxy surpassing my dark secret: that this had been my first vegetarian meal of the week.