Vally D is a Comedian

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I haven’t seen the most comedy of anyone ever, but I have seen a lot. I’m a tough audience and that is not because my standards are too high, but more a reflection of America’s descent into mediocrity. That being said, I consider Standup Comedy to be one of the hardest art forms out there.

To be alone on a stage with a single microphone under the harsh glare of a spotlight with all eyes upon you, demanding that you make them laugh. I cringe at the thought of it. But people do it, and they make a life of it. Valeria Dikovitskaya aka Vally D is one such person.

Vally D is a Millennial in her early twenties. She is intelligent, informed, and ambitious. She speaks five languages and has a rather lofty (by my non-conformist standards) day job. According to her website, she is performing most nights, which sometimes includes two gigs a night.

I did my best to try and find in her the darkness that I associate with comedians, but it was not apparent to me. If she has it, she does not wear it on her sleeve. It is possible that the “darkness” exerts itself in the vulnerability she puts herself through, night after night, bearing her soul on stage to perfect strangers, while navigating the existential angst and discomfort of the twenties. Although, I believe the battle over “existential angst” plays out much differently for Millennials than it did for my Generation X.

Either way, Vally D is funny. Check her out. She deserves your patronage.

“In 1905, Freud suggested that humor was the fun-loving id making itself known despite the protestations of the conformist superego.” The Atlantic