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A Night at the Lilypad

To give you a brief understanding of the tunefoolery organization, I will tell you this. The organization which was born in the mid nineties by Theresa Thompson and Jens Rebo at a social club which entertained many Cambridge and Somerville mental health clients. Starting out there were a few pioneers to play at different venues such as nursing homes and mental health facilities.

The organization has grown with scores of entertainers as well as many different instruments.

Grants from the State Level have been given to tunefoolery members, so that they can be paid for their performances. The Lily pad hall in Inman Square is home for many of tunefoolery's shows. So I sit down to listen to some of the melodies.

First to play was Alex. He was wearing a solid green shirt, and one wondered, did he wear that shirt one day ago on St. Patrick's or did he save it for today's gala celebration? His first tune was a song about a relationship that he's trying to figure out where it is going. Is it a friendship or a romance, He happily states that by hand in hand he feels that it is right. As he goes through the song, we are happy for him ass he ends the song telling us that his mate doesn't just hold his hand but he squeezes it. Alex's second song was called In the future. He talks or should I say he sings about wanting clothes to always fit, and that socks won't lose their partner, and when you can wear your bathrobe all day long and that your underwear drawer won't run out. He would rather all the stated would be true. And that we should not rush to build flying cars, mission to mars and robots.

Jason was next and to our good fortune, it would be his first time performing with tunefoolery. His first song was called amazingly. He played with rythym guitar and a raspy, attention getting voice. His song was about all the phenomenon his partner shared with him. Amazingly he sings about soul, loving kindness and how he feels her shining through "Amazingly".

Richard and Nate were the next up . Richard on the piano and Nate backing him up on the drums. The song was called "one day at a time" and it was bouncey with a lot of spirit. The jist of the song was exemplified by reminding us that we learned how to walk one one step at a time and that worked well for us then.

Jeff, a veteran performer, also does the all important grant writing. He entertained us with a song called "lovin ease". t was a song about many things which we don't need if we have love. These things were praise, approval, unconditional love to name a few. So fittingly the night ended with warmth and love.