Sunday at Doyle’s


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Steeped in Boston Politics

  • Doyle's Cafe in JP
  • Posing with Michael Capuano

F.J. Doyle & Co. also known as Doyle’s Café in Jamaica Plain has a Wikipedia page. It is that famous. In the most notoriously Boston way, it is famous for beer and politics.

Doyle's Cafe was established in 1882, and according to Wikipedia, Senator Ted Kennedy dedicated a room at Doyle’s to his maternal grandfather John Francis “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald in 1988. Honey Fitz was twice mayor of Boston serving from 1906 to 1908, and again from 1910-1914. I can now say that I saw my first picture of Honey Fitz hanging on a wall at Doyle’s.

The walls of Doyle’s are adorned with a treasure chest of Massachusetts’s history, be it politics, beer, or sports and I even found a picture of my own state representative, Michael Capuano.

A longtime friend of mine invited me to Doyle’s for brunch, and a chance to meet Senator Elizabeth Warren who would be there stumping for incumbent mayor Marty Walsh. As a Cambridge resident, I pay minimal attention to Boston’s politics, but I know enough to ascertain that Mayor Walsh may have quite a tight race on his hands this year.

Mayor Walsh is running against Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson. From a dispassionate, across the river observation, Jackson is one hell-of-a formidable candidate and if I were a Boston resident, I would be torn. Jackson seems more in-line with my thinking i.e. "When it comes down to it they're not fighting for the people," Jackson said. "What we see is developers and corporate entities getting all that they want, and the communities having the door shut and their back turned to them."WBUR News,

There is something I intrinsically like about Mayor Walsh - he reminds me of gritty old Boston, which we are ironically losing with every corporation that pile-drives into Boston landfill - but I do associate him with over-development and the corporatization of Boston, which I hate on both sides of the river.

With all this in mind, I was very curious as to why Senator Warren would come stumping for Mayor Walsh. Somehow it just didn’t make much political sense to me. But that is where the true tenets of Boston politics make an appearance.

In the very room that Senator Kennedy had dedicated to his grandfather, packed with an enthusiastic crowd and every local media outlet you could think of, Senator Warren painted the picture of how and why she is, where she stands today.

From what I gathered, the reason we even have a Senator Warren in the first place, is because of the support, encouragement, and patronage of Mayor Walsh and in particular, Joyce Linehan, the mayor’s advisor and Chief of Policy.

So I asked myself, what kind of person lends their visual and vocal support to an old buddy, a true friend, and a longtime comrade when that very act may cast a shadow upon that person? I would call that person a loyal friend who is full of integrity even when the political winds may whip up a storm of fury.

Politically speaking, Senator Warren may have done herself a favor by staying out of the race, as she is already under fire by some political action groups for her stepping in, but in politics and in life, a good person stands with those who have stood with them, even when it hurts. I salute you Senator Warren, but I am still glad I don’t have to cast a ballot in this race.

Photos Courtesy of Patricia Hudson