A Soulful City Girl


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Meet Ali McGuirk

Before Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics was famous, she used to wait tables in New York City. Imagine the thrill of being served Spaghetti Bolognese by someone who would soon become an international rock star.

Although the game of fame has changed drastically over the decades, one thing remains the same; you never know what plethora of talent your waiter or barista may be dishing out when their shift is over.

City Girl Café in Inman Square has one such talent. Her name is Ali McGuirk. She is a singer, songwriter, musician who has caught the attention of the Boston music scene cognoscenti. The 2017 Boston Music Awards have nominated her for New Artist of the Year.

A soul singer who evokes comparisons to Amy Winehouse but rocks even harder.” Steve Morse, The Boston Globe.

Like Lennox, if you were to be waited on by McGuirk, you may have no inkling of the mystical, soulful, powerhouse you were in the presence of. McGuirk will be releasing an album called Slow Burn in November, an album title that perfectly captures the essence of McGuirk’s music. Equal parts soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, pop, and pure mysticism, McGuirk never rushes. Her songs, which are played to perfection by an outstanding band, are a meditative, musical, anachronism in this era of no time to think, and no room-to-breathe.