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Porter Square

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Signs going up...

Cambridge is a city of "squares".  If you're new to the area or a traveler passing through, it might be a challenge finding the "downtown" area of the town.  Once you come to grips with the layout, one can appreciate the culture, attitude, and attributes of the many "squares" of Cambridge.  Of course, Harvard Square has been covered in the media lately because of the perceived extinction of it's smaller traditional "mom & pop" style stores that have been around for close to 100 years. To some extent it is sad for nostalgic reasons, however, the growing metropolis has to make room for expanding demands for products and services easily accessible across the country.  Cambridge is not necessarily ready for the "big box" stores but we're close.  The many students, biotech, corporate, and tourists demand that commercial expansion be at least considered. As Central Square anticipates the opening of new Target, Porter Square welcomes a new "chic boutique-style hotel.  The design of the new hotel is not obtrusive but fits well with the height and space restrictions of the area.  Though compact and tightly packed in it's space, it still offers a certain sense of "feng shui", peace and harmony when you enter.  From the beautiful soft orchids to the beautiful smiling face of "Nicki" the managing concierge who explains the essence of the choices of the hotel management. I personally have no reason to promote this hotel over any others in the area. However, if you get a chance, stop by to say hello to welcome our new neighbors. After which, you may discover a reason.