Restoring Public Art One Piece At A Time: Part 2


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"The Bluefish is Good Tonight." 237 Hampshire Street in Inman Square

Lisa Houck painting fish 2015

This week, I'm continuing my coverage about the restoration of public art in Cambridge this Summer. I caught up with Lisa Houck, the artist who created "The Bluefish is Good Tonight," a mural on the original site of Legal Seafoods restaurant in Inman Square, in 1987.

According to Houck, "The Bluefish is Good Tonight" is filled with color and pattern and the imagery is inspired by the jazz scene and the experiences I have had in Inman Square over the years, including ceramics classes and great coffee and food. In the painting I have also included a stethoscope and a bandaid as a nod to the current tenant in the building: the Cambridge Health Alliance."

"I am thrilled that the Cambridge Arts Council made the commitment to restore and repair my mural which was badly faded." continues Houck. "I enjoyed the process of re-painting because I could improve some aspects of the colors and composition. It is gratifying as an artist to find out that people in the community have been enjoying the painting and were so attached to it that they did not want to see it removed. This is the best possible outcome because the mural has been repainted with better materials and it should last for decades."

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What's your favorite piece of public art in our city?