Rebecca Toutant

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Because diabetes is a chronic disease, it makes perfect sense to discuss it with a well-informed dietician. Just to make it clear; a nutritionist; although knowing a lot does not need any credentials. However to become a dietician one needs a four year degree. They must also have completed a series of experiences. A board exam must also be passed. A residency also must be done. So you could say also that dieticians are nutritionists; but not all nutritionists are dieticians. There are two types of diabetes. I will discuss type 2 diabetes today. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body doesn't properly use insulin. Diabetes; although a chronic illness can be controlled with regular exercises; eating a healthy diet: keeping a weight that is healthy and also checking blood sugar on a regular basis.
Sometimes insulin shots are needed and even oral medications can help. I will list some risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Having a family history; being over weight such as having a large percentage of body fat in abdominal areas; having a physically inactive lifestyle and high blood pressure. There are some extremely important things you must be sure to do. Firstly; have an eye exam every year. Diabetes eye disease can cause blindness. It is important to take good care of your feet. You should daily check them for blisters, cracks and sores. The problem is that diabetes may damage nerves which can reduce blood flow to your feet. This can increase risk for infection which can make you less likely to notice a problem.
Rebecca is so knowledgeable about diabetes and how to treat it and live with it. She says that our bodies need all food groups for nutrients. Balanced meals are important.Some agencies can help by sending meals on wheels to your home. What raises blood sugar are, to name a few, emotional stress, physical stress, medications, alcohol, tobacco, and weight gain. To lower your blood sugar; you should exercise, take diabetic medication and be patient because paying close attention to diabetes health can significantly keep the illness in control. Rebecca got her undergraduate degree in Madison Wisconsin and did her internship at Keane college. She earned her graduate degree in Health communication at Emerson College.