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Welcome in

Months ago I happened upon a unique store. The name of this store was called practice space. At my first visit there were many things that caught my attention; such as clothing, books, art, and many quotes. these quotes were meant to lift one's spirit. So its not just a star-up store. It is a space which many customers frequent to discover what is new. The main item which I noticed more than anything else is that of the propreitors friendliness and how welcome they are all to all of their customers. Personally I like the quotes, because they certainly do lift my spirits. I sat down for the interview with Nicole, one of the three partners in this growing establishment, I was curious to find out which clientele were they trying to attract. She told me that a few of their hopes were designers and artists.

Every store, it seems has a best selling item. The practice Space is no different. Nicole, smiling as she stated, that dish towels by a designer, "Karaweaves" is there top selling piece of merchandise. Some of the reasns for them being so popular was that they, are multi-colored, affordable and hand made. So on we went with this informational interview. I asked her if there was an item selling better than they expected. The answer was thewool throw blankets.

Another nwe nuance to the practice space is a blackboard set-up strategically at the entrance to the store.they use this blackboard for Quotes, information, and to greet those potential customers The greeting makes you want to come inside and be greeted.

There are three partner's; Nicole's main responsibilities are to work with the artists. Diana works with clothing and objects . The newest partner is Alexandra whose main job is to organize.

I was eager to find out about how their sales were coming along. A three word answer summed it up. Better and Better! So, I asked Nicole " What does practice space stand for " She replied that the store was a space to practice art such as poetry. An interesting bit of information that she shared was the Feminist Bird Walk that is coming up soon. I was glad to know that the practice space was advertised in Art New England and Scout Magazine. 

So it seems like they are getting more and more successful as time goes by. The final question I had was what are their plans for the holiday season. They are planning a winter North Pole scene. there will be ice ornaments, winter items, blue glitter and sparkle, both with different types or blues. The time was coming to an end,but they have come so far in a small amount of time, I wished them good luck, and I am eager to continue to watch them grow!