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CHRISTOPHER HOPE came to CCTV in november to give us a lesson in podcasting. The first thong he taught us answered the question: What is a podcast? A podcast gives you what you want to do such as interviews, music, a newsreel,sports etc. Before you can begin to podcast there are some supplies which you will need. A usr or analog xlr , most people use a blog, you also of course need a computer. The atmosphere is important in doing your podcast. It is advised that the best place to podcast is in a quiet place unless you need background noise like at a park or parade.

Audio editing software is useful. Reason software edits th.e background. Pro Tools also edits background. Another is a less expensive type called Reaper, which is around $300. Audition, for $60 Audition, for sixty dollars a month is very affective. Finally you can use Audacity for free but you have to understand there are no bells or whistles.A few facts and some advice comes next,  Fisrtly we le learned about podcast that it reached the peak or its popularity in 2007. We were advised to be thoughtful about making our podcast different than others. Definitions are important because you will need to know them to be effective as a podcaster. The definition of podcast is that it is a program made available in digital format for automatic download over the internet. Rss is a type of Webfeed which allows users to access updates to online contact in a standardized computer readable format. Audacity is a free open source digital audio editor editor and recording computer software application. The microphones are important to discuss here. You'll have either digital or analog microphones.The most modern is called a shotgun. This mic is attached to a zoom recorder. 5m58 is one directional xlr cord  plugs into Zoom Recorder. You will also need to mention a microphone foam and the scary rabbit. What follows is the description of a show, to give you an idea of how to begin your podcast. My podcast is about reaching out to those sports fans who want to know specific answers which are trivial and little known. For the format: it is as follows. Firstly I would introduce myself and the title of my podcast. I would inform my audience about the duration of the show. I would let them know what the most important part of the show will be. Lastly I would from time to time, talk about having a guest at some point.