Pink Sunday

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a disease that affects millions of women in America.  Cambridge native Laurie Nicholas is taking making efforts to help bring attention to this with the 5th Annual Pink Sunday celebration, an event created through her Pink Sunday Organization.

Pink Sunday is an 8-week women’s flag football league, with the playoffs & championship commencing on Columbus Day Weekend.  The goal of the organization is to raise money for the illness.  Laurie Nicholas’ desire to have a positive impact on this matter was very influential in her starting the organization. “My passion is what inspired me to start Pink Sunday, ” proclaims the recent Woman of The Year Award recipient.   “I'm passionate about value creation, making a difference, tackling issues where too little attention is given & being of service to others. “  Nichols’ energy is contagious, as each year the Pink Sunday League attracts new players.

For some, participating in the Pink Sunday league brought back Nostalgia. “Playing football with my brothers & the neighborhood kids was one of my fondest childhood memories, ”reminisces Nadine Pierre-Louis, a Pink Sunday participate.  “At first, for me, I just wanted to play football, but the fact that we are able to play & have fun while contributing to a great cause that affects so many women (and men) across the globe puts an added sense of pride & purpose. “ For Pink Sunday, football serves as a tool to as a tool to heighten the awareness of Breast Cancer. Also, it has helped create & strengthen the relationships with those contributing. “The rapport between the women in the league has been pretty positive”, declares Nicolas.  “The women are very competitive but they demonstrate great sportsmanship & good fellowship. They are very supportive not just with their teammates but with all the other members in the organization” The positive energy is contagious & this will only lead to a successful mission for the Pink Sunday Organization.

Exhibiting great leadership, Laurie Nicolas knows that there is always room for improvement & will make sure that they are made for the future. “One thing we will be improving is strengthening our member engagement, ”says Nicolas. “Our members are our reason for being, so getting and keeping our members truly engaged in the organization is a major priority.”  Leaders set the tone while others follow & Ms. Nicolas is guiding her squad in the direction.

Pink Sunday took place on Sunday October 8th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Danehy Park, located at 99 Sherman Street. All proceeds from the event went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.  Donations can also be made at .