Old timers baseball game

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honoring John Martin

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On August 17,2017 there was an old-timer baseball game at St. Peters baseball Park in Cambridge Ma. This event happens every year and is organized by Steve Buckley. Old timer uniforms are worn by the selected young men. From the inaugural game in 1994 to 2017, there are so many people to thank in accordance with the success of this event.

Pedro Martinez came out of retirement to pitch in this exhibition game. But its not just that he came to pitch. Mostly he came to honor Mr. John Martin. Martin has been on NESN as a videographer for many years. He has had the pleasure to cover many of Bostons greatest sports moments. For example, the Red Sox World Series championship in 2004 to the Bruins Stanley Cup championship In 2011.Last year Mr. Martin received some devastating news. He had been strickend with ALS, other wise known as Lou Gehrig Disease. So many of Johns friends and colleagues attended to help raise money for what is appropriately called the John Martin Fund. The game itself was just a backdrop for the evening. Every one came to honor, cheer, and pray for Mr.. Martin. This is exactly why Pedro Martinez offered his time.

The night before this event, at Fenway Park, there was a celebration for John. He got to throw out the first pitch for the sox and cardinals game. unluckily his pitch went wild and struck an innocent bystander in a bad place. So at this game at St. Peters, Mr. Martin got to throw out the first pitch. This time it was true and was caught easily by the recipient who earlier didn't fare so well At Fenway.

The game attracted over 5.000 fans.;The parking and admission were free. There were politicians, sportswriters, and former Red Sox players as well as broadcasters in attendance. Manky children came to the park for the game. When Pedro came out to take his  warm-up pitches, the boys and girls were so excited to be so close to him!.A Boston Red Sox Superstar who was a hall of fame pitcher.

One thing that could not be forgotten is that Pedro Himself drove to John's house to bring him to this charity event. There is another side to make you aware of and that is of JOHN MARTIN A Little League Coach. In the program his team, the angels sent a message to go along with a Team Photo. It read: Dear Coach Martin 'you taught us the game, you taught us about life. and you always made it fun. Thank you, With Love and gratitude, your SEB Angels.