Midnight Release Party

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Get your get broomsticks ready because there is a new Harry Potter book on the way! On July 30th, at 10:30 p.m. Porter Square Books is hosting a Midnight Release Party. The public is invited to come pick up the books they pre-ordered and celebrate the night away. People who have not bought the book yet are welcomed as well!

Jessica Jordan, an employee of Porter Square Books, has been planning this party since March. She and her team came up with many activities for the Potter fans. The event will be holding a fan fiction open mic, Harry Potter trivia, and costume competition. There will be a coloring corner and photo booth as well.

"I'm excited about fans getting together to celebrate the series again," said Jordan, a Harry Potter fan herself. She informed about the party that there will be prizes for the winners of the trivia and costume contest. The prizes includes gift bags consisting of Harry Potter related items from Scholastic, a gift card from Porter Square Books and with a creative twist, an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Jordan included that the trivia are in conjunction with the Potter fan website, http://www.mugglenet.com, to show on social media what is going on at the party.

The Midnight Release Party is coming up soon and is welcome to the public. Fans can come in costume of their favorite character and participate in these activities . Porter Square Books are excited to see many faces and are ready to party like it is 2007!