Merry Christmas Grandpa Jake


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Though he never knew his namesake, the two are strikingly alike




The other day my sister Esther reminded me that January 26, 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of my father’s death.  A New England death, a friend aptly termed it.  Shoveling snow, a fall, a broken leg, a blood clot.  Thirty years, I thought, how can it be 30 years when I still feel his presence every day?

A little while later I thought about Dad’s death again and after the few-second rush of reliving that horrible day I thought about the now, and the thing that happened since that time that would make him happiest.  I know in my hear it would be my sister Eleanor's son, my nephew, his grandson and namesake Jacob.

I try not to dwell on the past but I do try to learn from it, so as I let myself go I thought deeply about how much alike the two men are.

Jacob the younger is very much like his grandfather, whom he never knew.  He is kind, patient, and polite.  People, even those he doesn’t know, even grouchy policemen, smile when he says hello or salutes them.  He doesn’t smile a whole lot but that doesn’t matter, it’s obvious when he’s happy.  He loves sports and long car rides.  He takes his hat off when he goes inside.  He likes pretty girls.

He’s the kind of grandson who, I think and hope, would be stuck to his grandfather like glue.  They would be inseparable.

In my reflection, as I write this on Christmas Eve, I selfishly hope that my relationship to Jake is what my father’s would be.  That the things we do together somehow honor a relationship that was cruelly taken away from them.

Merry Christmas Daddy



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This is so lovely - it allows us to see into the essence of these two beautiful men.  Thanks for getting right to the core of it all...