Listening to Cambridge - Part 2: Central Square

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Second in a series of soundwalks in different neighborhoods in our fair city

  • People walking
  • coconut drinks
  • art wall
  • bird
  • Central Square Map

I chose Central Square as a setting for my second in this series of Cambridge Soundwalks. Compared to my first one in North Cambridge , this has a lot more "human" sounds.

I've enjoyed creating soundscapes around Cambridge for several years, including Cambridge Heals Together and Cambridge Riverfest Soundscape..Attending a fascinating conference at the MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) entitied "Listening to the City: Engagement, Exploration + Intervention through Sound" in May reconnected me with my love of sound as a way to understand and share about the world around us.

Central Square is always lively and you'll hear lots of human voices in this bustling part of our city, with still an underlying nature sound woven through the background. I've never noticed this sound before in Central Square until I really listened while creating this soundwalk.

Take a listen and see how many sounds you can identify.


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