Lily Pad Concert


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To cap off what has been a beautiful fall October day, I strolled happily to the Lily Pad in Inman Square Cambridge to take in a tunefoolery concert. Tunefoolery, of you are not aware is a group of musicians who have had mental health issues. These talented players play instruments, including guitars, accordians, flutes, clarinets, pianos etc. Some play acapella. Some play instruments and sing. A well rounded and polished group

Tonight we are treated to three talented tunefoolery members. Jeff Fisher, a long time (15 years) member began the festivities. Jeff started with an original which was a fast moving piece about life from his perspective. one talent that Jeff has is his musical whistling between stanzas. His next mumber was called “We are all just friends”,a story about love relationships. Our hearts were tugged at the playing of the next number, Elton John’s “Candle in the wind”. It was magnificently played. Marilyn Monroe’s fans would have been proud. Coincidently Bob Dylan won an award for Literature this past Friday and now two days later Jeff was playing a Bob Dylan classic song called “You ain’t seen nothing by me.”

WE were blessed with the stylings of our next musician Kev G. He was playing for the first time with Tunefoolery. He blasted out his first song His voice was loud in a catchy way as he sang about his pain and hurt He has told his audience in a strong way that he wrote and sang in an emotional way. This helped him to feel relieved of his negative feelings. I must say he did a great job at it. This man is an up and coming professional. Kev showed his versatility by playing an original song. It was titled “that’s my child. This song was a sad one about something he was feeling and dealing with in his soul. A tear fell down my cheek as he heartfeltly finished this ballad. Kev finished his performance and I for one and many others had been treated to something special.

Jamie Mallory was to be the final troubadour for this evening. I had seen Jamie play before and I was excited to listen to him again. Jamie has been a seven year member of tunefoolery. His approach to singing was soft, gentle, and with much feeling.Whether singing an original song or playing a cover song, Jamie was pleasing the audience immensely.

So the night was too rapidly coming to an end and I have to tell you it seemed to go by as quickly as you can snap your fingers.