The Lily Pad


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I’ve been curious  about the venue that they call “The Lily Pad” I set up an interview
With Dan. He is one of the volunteer workers at this establishment. Dan and jesse are two volunteers who work for the owner; a gentleman named Gil Aharon. Jesse is in charge of booking the lily Pad for music and comedy acts. If you ;are interested in a gig you could enter the following bookthelilypad@gmail, com and Jesse will find and opening for you.

So I sat down with Dan to conduct the interview. He informed me that he has been affiliated with this organization for about five years. I was interested in how did they come up with the name Lily Pad. Simply enough Dan said  Lily rhymes with gillie which is the owners name.

When you look around the hall, you have to be interested in what the hall has to offer Gil owned the benches .On one wall there is a beautiful and colorful mural, The floor had just been re-done and the benches and seats are clean and lined up in organized rows. On the left side there is a long and comfortable couch where we conducted the interview. For the convenience for the patrons there are two rest rooms. At the front of the hall there is a refreshment stand. I wondered where they got all of the seating. Dan informed me that much of it had been donated.

I was interested about how Dan first became involved in the Lily Pad. He replied that he came to a concert and liked it. He then inquired about the possibility of volunteering and the rest they say is History. I asked Dan what abilities and person -al qualities one has to have to become a successful worker here at the Lily Pad. Dan said that being personable and enjoying being around people were two good qualities to have.

Dan told me that to get a spot in the monthly calendar displayed on the window, one   had to have good musical quality and to be easy to work with. My next question Dan answered so professionally was about his main responsibilities such as managing the staff, designing space and caring for the art. When asked what was the most satisfying part of his job. Dan said that watching people have a good time did it for him. When I walk by at night it always seems to be busy especially during the fall, but Dan said the winter was the slowest time of the year. Would there be another Lily Pad? Dan smiled and said hopefully!