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A Family run business

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Right snack dab in the middle of Inman Square Cambridge lies ACE Hardware Store which is run by The Pacheco family. It is a throw back to the old days when you walk into a retail establishment and there was an employee waiting to help you. Not only are they eager to show you where the merchandise is upon your request,they have a tremendous understanding of all of the goods which they carry.

There are certain aspects about the running of this business that are unseen. For instance, the paperwork, such as billing charge accounts. Some businesses have charge accounts, which they've had for many years. This Ace Hardware store has been in Inman Square for 42 years. the Main Headquarters is located in New York.

So every Thursday a truck shows up and delivers the weekly order. This particular store carries more than just basic hardware merchandise. There are other categories such as kitchen goods, traffic appliances, cleaning chemicals and painting sundries.

Inman Square Hardware accepts cards or credit cards or debit cards. If you purchase something and find that it is defective, all you have to do is to return it to the store for a full refund. The store submits defective merchandise to Ace home office which then gives the store credit.

I was curious as to when was their busiest season was. One might expect it to be the cold weather winter time. With shovels and rock salt one might agree. But surprisingly to me Mr. Pacheco informed me that the summer season attracted the most customers. Paint and accessories are the best sellers as this season lends itself to outdoor painting.

The merchandise that sells the most all during the year are any types of basic hardware, such as screws nuts, bolts and other loose hardware items. I had a few other questions to ask of this informative gentleman. I wanted to know how their sales were compared to last year. Five percent ahead was his response. The last question I asked was, did the merchandise delivered come in already priced. I was told that they priced the merchandise at store level.

So, come and shop @ this hardware store. You will find it well organized, well categorized and neat and clean.