Inman Square Barbecue

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Every year the management puts on a barbecue for the tenants of the Inman Square Apartments. It is such a wonderful time for all of the residents and their families. Also the maintenance staff joined the party. You see, they were there to "fix" our meals The management bosses also were in attendance just to be sure that things went off without a glitch. Music was a  part of the gala festival. A young man, as the master of ceremonies chose some soothing music as was appreciated by the adults. There were scores of young children at the get together. The MC did not dissapoint as he selected some child age appropriate tunes as they sung and danced and just had an overall good time.

Aside the music and dancing and delicasies many residents won prizes such as gift cards for the adults and toys for the children. There seemed to be an increase in quantity and quality of food from one year to the next. Starting off there was ice-packed coolers of soft drinks and bottled water. One whole large table was devoted to sweets and fruit salad. So you could satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time you can eat a healthy desert. There were brownies, half moons, chocolate chip cookies, and some other not so popular treats to fill your tummy. From the grill came hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and scrumptious hot dogs. Mustard, ketchup and relish were on hand to decorate your meal. Macaroni and potato salad rounded out the main entree. There was much leftovers and tenants took advantage of this by bringing home  a doggie bag. Even if you owned a cat you were still entitled to a doggie bag.

So when the last table was cleared and the chairs put away;everyone went home with another Summer Barbecue from Inman Square Apartments snugly under their Belts. Let's hope that next years party is just as well.