Hyperlocal Media Meetup: January 26


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Get connected with Boston-area citizen journalists

Cambridge Community Television is happy to host the 4th meeting for the Hyperlocal News & Media Meetup group on Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm. This quarterly meetup will be followed by a tour of CCTV. Meet people in the hyperlocal journalism field and learn more about what is happening in and around the greater Boston area. We will explore best practices in the local news/media, collaborations/partnership ideas, marketing tips and have a chance to build a stronger community media field!

The agenda for the night:
1. Show examples of work people are doing – people should come with questions if they are seeking any feedback re: production, story quality, etc.

2. Go around and share biggest hurdles and biggest successes from doing a local news show

3. Get a tour of CCTV

Additional questions please contact Erica Jones at ejones@scatvsomerville.org.
 CCTV is located at 438 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139.