Huron Animal Hospital


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An informative Visit

With the weather the way it has been; I found the saying; its raining cats and dogs to be an appropriate to focus on. The Huron Animal Hospital, located on Beacon St. on the Cambridge-Somerville line. I happened to visit this organization because my cat needed some care. I know that animal caring places like this tend to be friendly and loving toward patrons and their pets, mainly dogs and cats. After finishing taking good care of my cat I was so appreciative of them that i asked if I could do one of my bi-monthly stories on the DR. at the hospital. He said that he was more than glad to be oblige.

Dr. Ulrich and I exchanged greetings and we were set for the interview. It would turn out to be warm and friendly. Dr. Ulrich shared that he has been a vet for almost 17 years. He went to school in Dublin, Ireland at the University of Dublin.

I asked him what his favorite cat moment was; He was amused when he talked about the many kitten surprised he has witnessed. One such surprise was how one kitten gave popsicle sticks to another. I asked him to give me a favorite dog moment. He stated that one dog received treats after his treatment. This, in itself was not such a big deal. The dog, after a few days showed up to the clinic and with his front paws on the window began barking for treats.

We shifted the interview to talk about the staff. He said that all of his workers were hard working. they also had a caring attitude and needed organizational skills. Not to mention they had to have strong feelings about animals. Pit Bulls are in the news a lot these days. Dr. Ulrich had a positive and negative opinion of these dogs. Some Pit Bulls can be aggressive and despite how well they were trained, some are as friendly as can be.

Rescue animals have become quite popular. Many of these animals were found in Virginia in a high kill shelter where they were homeless and not taken care of. Speaking of negativity, I wondered what sicknesses were the most serious of dogs.

The good Doctor said that Cavalier King Charles ( a heart problem) was the most popular. So my final question had to do with how was the best way to shop for a pet. Going to meet animals in a shelter to see how animal fits with you and your lifestyle. To wrap things up, I asked Dr.Ulrich what he thought the path his career had taken him. He said he always wanted to be a vet. At first he went to business school, then he studiedlaw. At 30 years old he becme a vet student, and has been a vet ever since and has been content ever since.